9 attendees: OC = Owen Clutton, MM= Mary O’Mahony (chair), RW = Roger Wright (secretary), IS = Ian Stewart, JA = June Adams, AM = Angela Martin, NB = Nick Babb, PL= Peter Lowe, ML = Miguel Laino.

Agreed actions shown in bold red type.

The meeting started with the diocesan for JPIC.

1.       Apologies for absence

          Geraldine Thompson

2.       Minutes of last meeting

All outstanding matters had been dealt with or would be discussed as part of the agenda.

3.       Parish Project

Pot sale

MM would organise a pot washing session, photograph and size each one, and ask Suzanne in the Parish Office to put illustrative information on the notice board.

Second hand books

ML reminded members that he still had the books donated by Di Betts when she left the parish.  The difficulties of organising their sale were discussed (venue, set-up, repetition, etc.), and it was agreed that ML might end up taking them to Oxfam.

4.       Reflection on future topics

IS had circulated a short paper on ideas for widening and refreshing the J&P Group’s future activities.  Members were grateful for his initiative.  He introduced a discussion by complimenting the work of St James' J&P Group, emphasising how important membership of such a group is to his faith.  He noted how impressive the winning of a LiveSimply award in 2014, and it encouraged his old parish to think about adopting the scheme.  He said that LiveSimply provides a great framework for all sorts of J&P activities.

Discussion continued with all those present contributing ideas, but it was agreed that the secretary would not attempt to report details of the session.  The IS paper included a method suggested by the diocese for sorting out priorities.  It was agreed to have an extraordinary meeting to follow the method, starting at 7.00pm and lasting as long as necessary.

This is the process recommended:

1.       List as many J & P issues as you can think of.

2.       Write down each issue on each side of a small (playing card size) paper.  Write in red on one side, green on the other.

3.       Spread the cards over the table with the red side uppermost.

4.       Everyone is to turn over onto the green side any issue that interests them.  Once they have been turned (to green) they must not be turned back.

5.       Remove any cards that still show red.  Don’t feel guilty about them.

6.       Spread the remaining cards around the edge of the table.

7.       This time, allow people three moves to advance cards to the middle of the table.  They may use all their moves on one card or on as many as three separate cards (which would only move 1 move towards the centre).

8.       This should result in a cluster of issue cards in the centre of the table that have engaged the most interest of the group.

9.       Allow each person to talk about how they feel about the arrangement of the cards.

10.     Have any new areas of focus emerged?

11.     Have those involved learned anything during the activity that they would like to share with the group?

It was agreed to send topics to RW who would create the cards as suggested.  [It was subsequently agreed to meet in the Community Centre at 7.00pm on May bank holiday Monday 7th May.]

5.       Any other business

NB updated members on the latest arrangements for the London Loop walk for CAFOD’s “Share the Journey”.  Two stages will involve Petts Wood, on 29th May and 6th June.  Walkers will travel the 7 miles from Bexley Village to PW, and on the other day 9 miles from PW to West Wickham Common.  He outlined proposals for hosting walkers, including welcoming on the first day, and Mass followed by coffee in the hall before departure.  Ann Milner is walking the whole of the Loop, as she has done previously, and would be grateful for overnight accommodation at the start and end of the second day.  MM thought she might be able to help with this.  NB would make his proposals to Fr David for his thoughts.


There being no other business, the meeting closed at 9.25pm.

The next meeting will be the extraordinary one on Monday 7th May 2018 at 7.00pm.  There will be no meeting on Wednesday 23rd May because several members would not be available.