Thank you for your offerings last week of £1,575.  The second collection for the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children amounted to £462.  Mass attendance was 758.


20th January


(Saturday Vigil)



Third Sunday


6pm           Frances Hill RIP (M Farrell)


Sunday 21st January


9.15am      Francesca Sio RIP (Sio Family)


11am         People of the Parish


Monday 22nd January



9.30am      Mary Shelton (Nanette)


Tuesday 23rd January



9.30am      Mary O’Leary RIP (M Kelly)


Wednesday 24th January


(Please note change of time)

Saint Francis de Sales


9am           Margaret Brown RIP (Bridle Family)

                  Mass at St James’ School – Year 5 Mass

                  All Welcome



10.45am    Eucharistic Adoration


Thursday 25th January

The Conversion of Saint Paul the Apostle


9.30am      Mick Brace RIP (Tomkins Family)

Friday 26th January

Saints Timothy and Titus


9.30am      Thanks To St Jude


27th January


(Saturday Vigil)

Fourth Sunday


6pm           People of the Parish



Sunday 28th January


9.15am      Francesca Sio RIP (Sio Family)


11am         Richard Nelligan RIP (Ardron Family)




Confessions heard Saturday 5.00-5.45pm or by appointment.

Morning Prayer: Takes place Monday – Friday at 9.10am.  All are welcome to attend.

Pondering the Word (Lectio Divina)

A quiet reflective look at the following Sunday’s Gospel.  Mondays 11am - 12 noon, except for Bank Holidays, here in the church.  All welcome.

Sunday Mornings in the Community Centre

Every Sunday coffee and tea is served after the 9.15am and 11am Masses.  Please join us for a while and get to know each other over a cuppa!

Second collections

The second collection this week is for the Maintenance Fund.

Next week’s collection will be for Racial Justice.

Fr David writes…

A few months ago now, I was invited by Mrs Wilson, the RE co-ordinator and deputy head of St James’ to attend two Assemblies at the school.  The students were invited to come up with questions to ask me.  I was shocked to realise that they were very interested and curious to know about my vocation and life as a priest.  A lot of the questions were related to my lifestyle, apart of course from some very tricky theological ones too.  Mrs Weeks at some point asked them directly who was considering becoming a priest and immediately surprisingly there were a few hands up, including some girls who said that they would consider it.  I was intrigued.  Somehow choosing priesthood still evokes curiosity especially today after so much bad press.  There is still some mystique around it.  Some unarticulated questions might be around the perceived “aloneness” of our lifestyle.  Honestly nowadays, I am really convinced that every lifestyle we choose and are called for, has its rewards but also its own pain.  No lifestyle is perfect.  The thing that carries me through my day is the fact that I feel intrinsically called to live it out and that brings me peace.  It has not always been like that though.  I have gone through years of grappling with my call and mainly after ordination.  Wondering whether the grass is greener on the other side.  Looking back, I know that these moments, although they created in me so much stress, they were instrumental formative years.  They helped me to go deeper in my calling and my recommitment to the lifestyle is more real today because of these hard times.  I am sure that even in your own lives, there were moments of doubt and maybe you are experiencing them right now.  It is not easy.  Sometimes life throws at us the unexpected and we feel knocked out at times.  Disoriented and emotionally drained.  However, something or somewhere in us gives us the resources to cope and move on.  “Expect the unexpected” would be good advice from the characters we meet in the scriptures.

Jonah in the first reading was living an unremarkable and presumably happy life until the word of the Lord came to him, asking him to go and preach repentance to the people of Nineveh.  It was not a calling that Jonah wanted.  It wasn’t just because he didn’t want the disruption to his life that the call to be a prophet would undoubtedly cause.  It also disturbed and challenged his comfortable prejudices.  He thought of Nineveh as nothing more than a notoriously wicked pagan city.  The people didn’t merit the chance to hear the word of God.  Why should they be given the chance to repent and find salvation when, as far as Jonah is concerned, all they deserved was to be punished for their sins?  So, Jonah’s first reaction was to resist the Lord’s call and to run away.  It was only after a series of adventures culminating in the episode with the great fish, that the reluctant prophet accepted his calling and took God’s message to Nineveh.  Simon and the other fishermen had known what they wanted to do.  They were happy as fishermen living in a lakeside community.  They had their lives established together with their own families.  Their lives were predictable, but they were happy.  They had learnt well and were good at what they did.  It was a hard life, but it was a good life.  This they assumed was their future.

But Jesus had other plans for them.  On an ordinary day, Jesus passed by and disrupted their lives completely.  Their lives were turned upside down.  In a moment, like ours sometimes, they had to let go of all that was familiar and comfortable.  All that made sense to them and which gave them meaning and they had to renegotiate their identity and risk moving towards a future which was unknown to them.  They had no job descriptions, no signposts or maps.  They only felt called by Jesus, and that gave them the reassurance that all would be well.  The calling can be so strong, that notwithstanding the obvious feelings of anxiety about the future, you are ready to say yes, surrender to God’s love and be led.  This new preacher Jesus, was a different preacher than the others.  He spoke with an authority they had never heard before.  In contrast to Jonah, they did not resist the call or run away.  On the contrary, they at once left their nets and followed him”.  Somehow, they knew that it was the only thing to do.  Even though it meant that their lives would never be the same again.

Do you see your chosen lifestyle as a calling?  What keeps you going when things get tough?  Can you articulate your resources?  Amidst the ups and down of life, do you experience peace and hope?  Both Jonah and Jesus preached repentance.  The word repentance means to change one’s perspective.  And so, the call to repentance is a call to look at the direction of our lives we are called to have minds that are open to God word.  Sometimes the word calls us to change direction, to change the way our lives might be heading, to change the way we think and act.  Let us ask for God’s spirit to give us the wisdom and the insight to see what God wants of us at this time of our lives and may God also give us the courage to put it into practice.

Drop-In” Evening Surgeries

The next surgery will be on Wednesday the 24th January 2018.  Fr David will be available at 281A Crescent Drive from 5.00-7.00pm and no appointment is necessary.

Liturgy Pillar

Eucharist Adoration

This takes place for an hour each Wednesday shortly after the morning Mass starting at 10.45 am and finishing at 11.45 am.  This Devotion to the Eucharist is a time of silent prayer and quiet music.  Everyone is welcome for all or part of this time of prayer before the Blessed Sacrament.

Diocesan Adoration Lay Committee

The Archdiocese of Southwark is setting up a Diocesan Adoration Lay Committee to develop the practice of Eucharistic Adoration throughout the Archdiocese.  You are welcome to attend an Information Meeting in The Centre for Catholic Formation, 21 Tooting Bec Road, London SW17 8BS on Saturday 3rd February 2018 at 11am (finishing at 12.15).  Refreshments served.  See poster in the church for further details of how to attend, or contact the Parish Office promptly.

Easter Choir

After the success of the music at Christmas, we are asking for parishioners to come a join the choir to sing at the Easter services this year.  Any parishioners are welcome to join us for these special services.  We will be rehearsing every Thursday until Easter, starting on February 1st at 7:30pm in the church.  We are also asking any musicians who may like to play to come along to enhance the music and accompany the choir.  If you have any questions, or would like to join, please email:  We are really looking forward to seeing you there.

Evangelisation Pillar

Readers’ Meeting

On Monday 22nd January at 8pm in the church there will be a meeting for all existing Readers and anyone interested in becoming a Reader.

Pilgrimage to The Holy Land

On Thursday 25nd January at 8pm, a meeting will be held in the community centre for all who have expressed interest for the pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

Eucharistic Ministers

On Monday 12th February at 8pm in the church there will be a meeting for all existing Eucharistic Ministers and anyone interested in becoming a Eucharistic minister.

Pre-Lenten Preparation

Is the Word of God Alive and Active in us?

How can the Bible help us towards a Joyful and Fulfilling Life?

In a series of 3 stand-alone talks in Beckenham, Petts Wood and Bromley, Fr Fio Mascarenhas SJ, an international speaker, will help us explore this theme between 6th to 8th February.  St James’ will host on Wednesday 7th February 8pm in the Community Hall.  You are warmly invited to come to this talk and to any of the other evenings.  For more details, see poster around the Church or contact Ken Chan on

Healing service

Fr Fio Mascarenhas will be presiding at a special service to celebrate World Day of the Sick / Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, in church, on 11th February at 6.00pm.  There will be more details next week.

Alpha at St Theresa’s, Biggin Hill before and during Lent

A chance to explore life and the Christian faith in a friendly, open and informal environment.  Introductory session on Friday 19 January, from 7.15pm to 8.15pm.  Then nine further weekly sessions, starting Friday 26 January from 7.15pm to 9.15pm.  All at St Theresa’s Catholic Church, Haig Road, Biggin Hill.  Contact Stephen Walsh on 07778 612050 or  Visit

Pastoral Pillar

St James The Great 'Memory Café'

On Tuesday 6th February we will be starting a Dementia Café here at St James’ and it will be taking place on the first two Tuesdays of each month from 2pm to 3.30pm in the Community Centre.  This will be a time for guests with dementia and their carers to come for refreshments and a chat in a comfortable and safe environment and if they wish, join in with activities such as quizzes, games and music.  If you would like to know more, please contact: or telephone the Parish Office: 01689 827100.  We look forward to welcoming you!

Communication Pillar

We are looking for someone with an interest in graphic design to help the webmaster refresh the look and feel of the Parish website.  We also need advice on the best way to use the Facebook page.  If you are able to help, please contact the parish office at  Thank You.

Social Pillar

The Power of Colour

London City Scape, February 10th ,10am to 1pm in the Community Centre.

Unleash your creativity with a palette knife workshop with Zsuzsanna Pataki

Following a step-by-step demo by Zsuzsanna, you will develop your own seascape in acrylics, with sponges and palette knives.  Great fun and a new technique if your default tool is a brush.  Professional colours, canvas and tools provided.  Beginners are very welcome.

Invite friends and sign up together by calling the parish office on 01689 827100.

Recommended age 14-144 years, special discount for the parish £25 per person.

St Edmund’s Walking Group

At noon on Saturday 3rd February, St Blaise’s feast, St Edmund’s Walking Group and others from the Parish will gather at the Well of St Blaise for a short time of prayer and reflection.  Others from the Deanery are welcome to join them.  The Well is near to the St Blaise Building in Bromley Civic Centre.

During the Middle Ages, there was great devotion to St Blaise in Kent.  This seems to have had less to do with throat ailments, than a belief that a holy man who was put to death with an iron carding comb, was just the chap to watch over a county dependent on the wool trade.  The Well at Bromley was a minor place of pilgrimage until the Reformation and thereafter fell into obscurity and disrepair.

Catholic History Walks

For King and Country!

Sunday 4th February, 3pm.

Catholics and politics: St Thomas More, Guy Fawkes, Pugin, Parliament and the Abbey.  Meet on the steps of Westminster Cathedral.

Lift up your heads, O Gates!

Monday 12th February, 2pm

Explore the varied and fascinating history of the City of London – the Square Mile, from its ancient origins, as a Catholic capital, and then to the Reformation and beyond.  Meet at the Church of the Most Precious Blood, Southwark.  SE1 1TA.

Bollywood Dancing

Bollywood is a fusion of dance styles from classical Indian dance including both Kathak and Bharatanatyam, Indian folk (Bhangra), jazz influences, western popular and more recently, hip hop style in the film industry.  Bollywood dance provides a fantastic workout from beautiful hand gestures, hip movements to dynamic legwork and energetic bounces.  It's a great way to stay fit and enjoy dance at the same time.  All are welcome to our community centre on Friday's from 2.00 to 2.45pm (Term time only).

Youth Pillar

Are you a young person aged between 9-18yrs?

Read on to find out how you can take up the ‘Faith in Action’ challenge today!

‘Faith in Action’ is a national award scheme from CYMFED which challenges young people of faith to make a difference in the world through service and ongoing spiritual reflection.  There are four levels of the award - Pin, Bronze, Silver, Gold and each one recognises and celebrates the good work and positive contribution made by young people in their parishes, schools and communities.  In November 2017, we were delighted to celebrate the hard work and achievements of all young people who participated in Faith in Action last year and the 25 who received awards from Archbishop Peter Smith at the Faith in Action ceremony.

All young people in Bromley Deanery aged 9-18 years are invited to take part in the Faith in Action Award Scheme, which will launch for its’ second year on 27th January 2018 at 10.30am, St Joseph’s Church, Plaistow Lane, Bromley.  So, if you are a young person who reads at Mass, sings or plays an instrument in the choir, an altar server, helps or volunteers in your school or community in any way, then come along to register!

Alternatively, you may want to become involved but are not sure how to begin – come along to meet the team and learn more about the range of exciting opportunities open to you.  Take a look at our ‘Faith in Action Bromley Deanery’ videos on YouTube, Facebook @bromleydeanery, see our website: or email

Justice & Peace

The Justice and Peace group will meet on Wednesday 24th January at 7.45pm in the Parish Office meeting room (281A Crescent Drive).  All parishioners are assured of a warm welcome.

Foodbank requests

The current requirements are the same this week as last: long life milk, biscuits, tinned potatoes, rice, jellies, instant whips, and household cleaning products.  Thanks to all our generous donors.

Parish Project

We heard from Fr Joe in the Philippines this week that he has received the first donation from St James’ (nearly £1,000) and it is already being put to good use.  He said that a loan has been made to a group of ladies who studied dress making at their Parish Centre and they will work as a cooperative, helping them raise their funds, material and capital.  They are to pay the loan in one year without interest.  It is such good news to know that our collection is making a difference to women’s lives in the Philippines.

So, we are asking the parish to support a fundraising event on Sunday 4th March in aid of St Catherine’s parish.  There will be food, music, dancing, a quiz and other attractions, all with the theme of the Philippines.  It will be timed for late afternoon, and suitable for families.  What better way to entertain and feed the family on a winter’s Sunday afternoon, and support our Parish Project.  Please put this in your diary now!

200 Club winners!

£100      No 89    Clare Rice

£50        No 125  Roy Chittilappily

£25        No 176  Teresa Forde

£25        No 68    Anne O’Reilly

Congratulations to our winners.  There are still places available for any new parishioners or late comers.  Please contact Ken Evans for details.

Petts Wood Churches Together

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

Shared Breakfast & Prayers on Sunday 21st January Petts Wood Methodist Church 8.30am.

Come and join the Petts Wood Churches Together for an early breakfast of bacon rolls with prayers and updates of needs, before attending your local services.  Please let the parish office know as soon as possible if you wish to attend.

Seeing a Chaplain if You Are Admitted to Hospital

·         Protecting personal information (data protection) is really important when you become an inpatient in hospital.

·         So please specifically ask hospital staff to pass on your details to the hospital’s Roman Catholic chaplain as soon as you are admitted if you would like a Chaplain to visit you.

·         Fr David would always be very happy to visit you too, so please ask a relative or friend to let him know about your admission.  You, or they, can email Fr David on, or phone the parish office on 01689 827100.

Weekend Rotas: Thank you for helping.

Saturday 27th January 2018

Cleaning the Church

A Haylock, A Crosland, G MacManus, K Evans


Wednesday Coffee

31st January

S Barradell, B D’Arcy


28th January 2018


Saturday 6pm (Vigil)

Sunday 9.15am

Sunday 11am


A Lench

F Mace

M Howell

L McDonald

S May



K Salter

K Lams

Children’s Mass

P Lowe

R Rowan


Ministers of Holy Communion

C Cosgrave

P Cosgrave

A Guyton

T Babb

B Babb

A Ward

D Hairs

B Cotta

W David

B D’Arcy

P May

S Ingle

R DelGuercio

Z Bajorek

T Troy





M Smith

N Longhurst




G Brookes

D Brookes

P Flockhart

A Hutington

S Ingle


Altar Servers

O&J McCabe

J Macfadyen

N Cracknell

A&D Poulton

R&F Norman-Brown

J Monaghan


P Marshall

L Delamain

V Marcolina

Z&E Teare



P Cosgrave, P Dabrowski