Thank you for your offerings last week of £1,444.  Mass attendance 587.



14th April


(Saturday Vigil)



Third Sunday Of Easter


6pm           Dermot Gray RIP (Scott Family)


Sunday 15th April


9.15am      People of The Parish


11am         Terence Quinlan RIP (E Quinlan)


Monday 16th April



9.30am      Mrs Hilda Ghattak RIP (Sarah & Paul)


Tuesday 17th April


(Please note change of time)



11.30am    Requiem Mass for Mrs Carmel Ann Turton


Wednesday 18th April




9.30am      Fr David Camilleri, Barbara & Godwin (Hilary & J McNamara)



10.45am    Eucharistic Adoration


Thursday 19th April



9.30am      Kay Livingston RIP (Loma Barrett & Family)


Friday 20th April



9.30am      Anthony Olivelle RIP


21st April


(Saturday Vigil)


Fourth Sunday Of Easter


6pm           People of The Parish


Sunday 22nd April

9.15am      Bridget Donovan RIP (M Ramadan)


11am         Joel Parker RIP (Howell Family)


Confessions heard Saturday 5.00-5.45pm or by appointment.

Morning Prayer: Takes place Monday – Friday at 9.10am.  All are welcome to attend.

Pondering the Word (Lectio Divina)

A quiet reflective look at the following Sunday’s Gospel.  Mondays 11am - 12 noon, except for Bank Holidays, here in the church.  All welcome.

Sunday Mornings in the Community Centre

Every Sunday coffee and tea are served after the 9.15am and 11am Masses.  Please join us for a while and get to know each other over a cuppa!

Second Collection

This week’s second collection is for the Maintenance Fund.  Next week’s second collection is for Ecclesiastical Education.

Easter Thank You

I would like to thank those of you who helped make our Easter celebrations so meaning full.  The flowers and the entire church looked beautiful.  I would also like to thank the Servers, the choirs, Readers, Eucharistic Ministers, Welcomers and everyone who took part in the Masses.  In a special way, I would like to thank the journey in faith catechists who have prepared so well those who were received into the church on Easter Vigil.  Finally, I would also like to thank you all for all your cards, gifts and generous Easter Collection.  God Bless You.  Fr David.

Fr David writes…

TS Elliott in the Dry Salvages (1941) from The Four Quartets wrote “We had the experience but missed the meaning”.  It seems that TS Elliott wants to remind us that sometimes, although we do go through an experience in our lives, we do not always grasp at that particular time the meaning of it for us.  And I dare say that sometimes we are not even psychologically present either in that moment for one reason or another let alone grasp the meaning.  The mind is an interesting and wonderful part of ourselves.  It has the capacity to block things to protect us from the full impact of the experience in a trauma for example.  We have the ability to dissociate from seeing reality.  Our mind needs time to process the situation and when the time arrives, when the psyche feels we are ready, we are struck by the harsh reality.  Although this may be a painful period, it is also the beginning of healing and understanding what the experience was all about.

Post Resurrection, the disciples are in a state of shock and trauma.  They had gone through a traumatic experience from feeling sheltered and protected by this great Rabbi whom they had looked up to as a Messiah, and now they had seen him tortured and crucified on a cross.  It must been a devastating turn of events for them.  It truly reminds me of the trauma of seeing someone whom we had admired for his/her strength of personality and then seeing them on their death bed looking so vulnerable.  For the actual disciples, there is the added trauma of seeing him dying in such a brutal manner.  Such an experience shocks you.  Makes you encounter life’s raw fragility.  The disciples also must have felt abandoned by Jesus.  There is no one to protect them now.  They must have felt so vulnerable and fragile.  To add to their shock, they have been hearing all these stories about people who were actually encountering Jesus.  They must have been so confused.  What to believe?  What a rollercoaster of an experience that must have been for them!  The two disciples of Emmaus have returned to Jerusalem to be reunited with the assembly of Jesus’ followers.  Luke tells us that the two disciples “told the story of what had happened on the road and how they had recognised Jesus at the breaking of bread”.  The question remains – can the disciples actually make sense of all that has happened.

This question is answered by Luke.  While the disciples are still talking, Jesus appears among them.  Rather than rejoice in his presence, they are alarmed and frightened.  Rather than recognising Jesus they think that they are seeing a ghost.  They are unable to understand the meaning of what is happening in their midst.  By itself the appearance of Jesus does not open the eyes of the disciples.  Jesus appeals to the disciples’ sense of touch.  However, it is only when he tells them what he meant when he was with them and opens their minds to understand the scriptures that they come to believe in him.  By interpreting what had happened, the risen Christ draws the disciples out of their confusion and helps them to become present to the reality in their midst.  They are awakened to the meaning of what was happening to them.  In this understanding, the disciples become witnesses to the meaning of all that has taken place.  Our understanding today of what happened at the time, is based on the unique experience of the first disciples.  We will always be indebted to them for their insight and courage.  The first disciples turned their new experience into a message of Good News for all peoples.  Every generation must make the message of Jesus its own and pass it on to others.

This week, Pope Francis published his third Apostolic Exhortation called Gaudete et Exultate which translates into Rejoice and Be Glad.  Pope Francis is focussing us in how to live the Good News in today’s world.  He is encouraging us not be satisfied with mediocre spiritual lives, not to reduce the Gospel to a list of rules and regulations, not to despair of our own weakness, not to give up on God and the joy and gladness that He alone can bring into our lives and through us, into the world.  He reminds us of our Call for holiness.  Speaking of the “great cloud of witnesses”, Francis writes that the cloud “may include our own mothers, grandmothers or other loved ones” and that “their lives may not always have been perfect, yet even amid their faults and failings they kept moving forward and proved pleasing to the Lord”.

Pope Francis is reminding us that holiness means being yourself.  Each person is meant to discern his or her own path and bring out the very best of themselves”.  The second important point in the apostolic exhortation is that everyday life can lead us to holiness.  He gives an example of a loving parent raising a child as well as small gestures and sacrifices that one can make, like deciding not to pass on gossip.  If you can see your life as a mission he says, then you soon realise that you can simply be loving and kind to move towards holiness.  Gaudete et Exultate is filled with Pope Francis’ trademark practical advice for living a life of holiness.  For example, don’t gossip, stop judging and most important stop being cruel to others.  He gives us like Jesus, the Beatitudes as a road map for holiness.  Pope Francis says mercy, one of the central themes of his papacy, has two aspects: helping and serving others but also forgiving and understanding.  Pope Francis’ overall summary of holiness is “Seeing and acting with mercy”.  I am hoping that I have wetted your appetite to take a look at this new Apostolic Exhortation which once again conveys Pope Francis’ spirituality as he shares with us practical hints of how we can live as Christians in today’s world.

Drop-In” Evening Surgeries

Please note that the next surgery will be on Wednesday the 18th April 2018.  Fr David will be available at 281A Crescent Drive from 5.00-7.00pm and no appointment is necessary.

Holy Baptism

This weekend we welcome Orla Elizabeth Tegwen Clubbs and her parents Simon and Kate.

Pastoral Pillar

Helplines and Counselling Services

As part of our care for the community a list of helplines and counselling services has now been added to the parish website and also, placed in the porch.  The purpose of this is to give contact details of various organisations which can provide help in difficult times thereby enabling people to seek privately the information and support they may need.

Liturgy Pillar

Eucharist Adoration

This takes place for an hour each Wednesday shortly after the morning Mass starting at 10.45 am and finishing at 11.45 am.  This Devotion to the Eucharist is a time of silent prayer and quiet music.  Everyone is welcome for all or part of this time of prayer before the Blessed Sacrament.

First Friday of Month - Eucharist Adoration also takes place on the 1st Friday of each month from 7.30–9.00pm and concludes with Benediction.  The next one will take place on 6th April.  Everyone is welcome for all or part of this time of prayer before the Blessed Sacrament.

Social Pillar

Community Centre

The St James’ Social Club is responsible for the running and licensing of the bar in the Community Centre.  The AGM will be held on Sunday 22 April next weekend at 12.30 pm after the 11.00 am Mass in the Community Centre.  The items on the agenda will be as follows:

1.  Minutes of the last AGM

2.  Election of Committee for 2018/2019

3.  Financial Report

4.  Any Other Business

All are welcome to attend.

Friends Meeting

The Friends of St James' will be holding a meeting on Monday 23rd April at 7pm in the community centre.  We are planning for our next event which is the St James’ garden party on Sunday 8th July.  Everyone in the Parish is invited to come along and share their ideas/vision for the event.  If you cannot attend but would like to be involved in any way please contact the parish office.  Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Parent and Toddler Group

The Parent & Toddler Group will be starting back up from Friday 27th April.  They will meet every Friday during term time in the Community Centre from 1.30 – 3.00pm.  Parents with babies from 0 up to age 5 are welcome to attend.  Do come along and enjoy the companionship and the fun.  Refreshments provided.

NEW “Film Club”

In exploring ways to encourage greater social interaction within the Parish, we have decided to introduce a periodic St James’ Film night to be held in the Community Centre.  This is aimed at age 18 & above.

Our aim is to run these once a month, starting on Saturday 5 May.  Our first film will be I, Daniel Blake, directed by Ken Loach.  This highly acclaimed, gritty drama won several major awards, including the Palme d’Or at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival & the 2017 BAFTA for Outstanding British Film.  It will be shown at 8.00pm, & runs for 100 minutes.  The bar will be open following the 6pm Mass & attendees are welcome to bring their own ready prepared food to eat before the lights go down.

The second Film Night is planned for Saturday 9 June, again at 8pm.  This time we will be showing La Vie en Rose, a 2007 French biographical, musical film about the life of French singer, Édith Piaf.  It too received several accolades including two OSCARs, two BAFTAs, & a Golden Globe.  Running time 140 minutes.

Whilst there will be no entrance charge to these events, there be an opportunity for attendees to make a donation at the door towards different causes which our Parish is supporting.  The first will be to raise funds for our St James’ Memory Café.

We look forward to seeing you!

Youth Pillar

CYM Careers Fair: Saturday 21st April 2018

As part of the CYM programme for 2018, we will be holding a Careers Fair for young people on Saturday 21st April from 12.30-2.30pm (please note the change to original times listed) at St James the Great Church, Petts Wood.  The aim of this event is to assist and equip young people in making decisions regarding their future and to provide information and guidance on a range of opportunities available to them, such as pathways into teaching, Metropolitan police, civil service, engineering, GAP year opportunities and many more.  We will also be offering one-to-one career guidance, interview training and help with writing CV’s.  You can register for your free ticket by visiting:, for more details please visit:  If you would like to become involved in this event by sharing skills and experience, please email  We look forward to seeing you there!

St James’ Youth Group

The next Junior Youth Group will be held on Saturday 28th April in the Community Centre from Noon to 2pm.  £1.50 per session - which includes lunch.

200 Club

£100      No 43    L Thomas

£50        No 166  Mrs P Farrant

£25        No 63    Mrs B Bridle

£25        No 101  M Shea

Congratulations to our winners.  There are still places available for any new parishioners or late comers.  Please contact Ken Evans for details

St James The Great Primary School

St James' RC Primary School are looking for volunteers to read with the children.  If you are interested, please contact the school office on 0208 467 8167.  To facilitate this, the school will arrange for your DBS certificate which is a government requirement when working with young people.  Many thanks.

Job Vacancy – KS1 teacher from September 2018

St James’ RC Primary School are looking to appoint an outstanding KS1 teacher that wishes to make a difference and strives to ensure the children achieve excellence.  Please see more information on the School vacancy notice board at the back of the church.  Closing date for applications is 12noon Monday 23rd April 2018.

Message from Matthew Delamain

This Summer (August 2018), I will be going on an expedition to Kenya with my Explorer group.  Whilst we are out there, we are going to be working with a charity called Harambee for Kenya.  This charity takes in young boys who are homeless off the street and gives them a better life including an education and friendships.  We will be spending a lot of time at one of the safehouses owned by the charity and doing things such as playing with the boys and building them new facilities.  Another way in which we will help is by bringing some donations with us from the UK.  If you can help by donating any of the following and leaving in the box at the back of the porch that would be much appreciated:

·         Black school shoes – Any size

·         Shorts and T-Shirts

·         Underwear and socks

·         Black or grey smart trousers

·         Waterproof lightweight jackets

·         Single bed sheets -Flat type

·         Towels

·         Footballs

·         Hand Tools

Many thanks, Matthew


Some Gift Aid boxes have not yet been collected from the table at the back of the church.  If you haven’t already, please take yours this weekend, even if you have a Standing Order because the boxes contain special envelopes for Diocesan collections

Justice & Peace


The current list of items needed is: tinned potatoes, tinned soup, long life milk and fruit juice, rice, pulses, shampoo and toothbrushes.  Thank you for continuing to donate these much needed supplies.

Polite Reminder

The Parish disabled parking spaces are for Blue Badge holders only.

Seeing a Chaplain if You Are Admitted to Hospital

·         Protecting personal information (data protection) is really important when you become an inpatient in hospital.

·         So please specifically ask hospital staff to pass on your details to the hospital’s Roman Catholic chaplain as soon as you are admitted if you would like a Chaplain to visit you.

·         Fr David would always be very happy to visit you too, so please ask a relative or friend to let him know about your admission.  You, or they, can email Fr David on, or phone the parish office on 01689 827100.

Weekend Rotas: Thank you for helping.

Saturday 21st April 2018

Cleaning the Church

CWL & Altar Servers


Wednesday Coffee

18th April

S Barradell, B D’Arcy


22nd April 2018


Saturday 6pm (Vigil)

Sunday 9.15am

Sunday 11am


I Garcia Finan

C Cook

L Thomas

S Barradell

P Benson



I Stewart

P Dabrowski

Children’s Mass

M Ingledew

N D’Silva


Ministers of Holy Communion

J Callinan

P Crosland

C Wakefield

C Cosgrave

P Cosgrave

D Hairs

B Cotta

W David

B D’Arcy

T Forde

T Willard

R Mwansa

K Chan

K Evans

A Evans





M Smith

N Longhurst



D Delf

F Curran

E Aletta

K Walsh

S Ingle

L Moore


Altar Servers

J Macfadyen

R&F Norman- Brown

D&A Poulton

P Marshall

L Delamain

A Lynch

F Ikenye



L Delamain, M Edwards



PPC Meeting 09.04.18 – Summary

The PPC held a meeting on Monday 9th April and the following items were discussed:

·                There were no items raised by parishioners


·                The PPC are continuing to explore the possibility of streaming services live on the internet for parishioners who are unable to get to mass.  A representative from St Edmund’s church in Beckenham came to the meeting and presented very positive feedback from his own parish and that of the wider internet community about the quality and value of the service.  We will now seek further information from the service providers before the next PPC meeting in June.


·                Fr David had very good feedback from parishioners and visitors attending the Easter services with some very positive comments about the parish.


·                Our current webmaster is retiring and we are seeking a volunteer to take his place.  Work is continuing on redesigning the current website, but whilst this is going on the current website will continue to be updated.


·                Handrails for the church steps will be in place very soon


·                We are awaiting dates for the work on the Community Centre acoustics to be carried out.  It is hoped that this will be completed by the end of May.