Activity date Description
31-May-11 Applied for LiveSimply packs from CAFOD 
23-Nov-11 Presentation of LiveSimply to parish groups
30-Nov-11 LiveSimply Group Meeting #1
07-Dec-11 LiveSimply Group Meeting #2
11-Jan-12 LiveSimply Group Meeting #3
14-Mar-12 LiveSimply Group Meeting #4
20-May-12 Banner made by parishioner and blessed by Bishop Lynch
24-May-12 LiveSimply Group Meeting #5
26-Jun-12 LiveSimply Group Meeting #6
07-Jul-12 Shoe Rafiki collection
23-Jul-12 Connect2 joined
15-Aug-12 LiveSimply Group Meeting #7
03-Sep-12 Carbon costing presented
19-Sep-12 LiveSimply Group Meeting #8
30-Sep-12 Masses with LiveSimply Liturgy #1 (launch)
30-Sep-12 LiveSimply launched at all Masses with Jim Simmons
06-Oct-12 Autumn Festival
17-Oct-12 LiveSimply Group Meeting #9
21-Oct-12 Traidcraft stall
10-Nov-12 LiveSimply Garden initial planning meeting
18-Nov-12 Foodbank collection weekend
18-Nov-12 Masses with LiveSimply Liturgy #2
18-Nov-12 Bromley Foodbank collection
26-Nov-12 1st two tree planting certificates purchased
01-Dec-12 Traidcraft stall
16-Jan-13 LiveSimply Group Meeting #10
17-Jan-13 LiveSimply Hymn pasted into hymn books by Brownies
19-Jan-13 Traidcraft stall
05-Feb-13 Garden planning meeting #1
06-Feb-13 LiveSimply Group Meeting #11
10-Feb-13 Masses with LiveSimply Liturgy #3 (Connect2 launch)
10-Feb-13 Connect2 launched (talks, leaflets, children, scouts, etc)
12-Feb-13 Mary liturgy meeting - only 1 person + 1 apology
17-Feb-13 Manna Centre collection
03-Mar-13 Kainmari Curry Night planning meeting
06-Mar-13 Bromley Foodbank collection
09-Mar-13 Traidcraft stall
14-Mar-13 Brownie Bingo party raises £280 for Connect2
14-Mar-13 Garden planning meeting #2
20-Mar-13 LiveSimply Group Meeting #12
20-Mar-13 Kainmari Curry Night planning meeting
23-Mar-13 Martin Smith's party donations to Foodbank
07-Apr-13 Masses with LiveSimply Liturgy #4 (Garden launch)
07-Apr-13 Garden design launched at all Masses
13-Apr-13 Bromley Foodbank collection
21-Apr-13 Kainmari Curry Night raises £872 for Connect2
27-Apr-13 Garden site clearance session #1
04-May-13 Traidcraft stall
12-May-13 Masses with LiveSimply Liturgy #5 (tree planting launch)
12-May-13 Tree planting scheme launched (45 app forms requested, symbolic tree erected)
15-May-13 Housebound pack compiled
22-May-13 Garden planning meeting #3
01-Jun-13 Garden site clearance session #2
11-Jun-13 Website made carbon neutral with offset from Carbon Reg Ltd
16-Jun-13 Manna Centre collection
06-Jul-13 Garden site clearance session #3
06-Jul-13 28 trees planted so far
09-Jul-13 LiveSimply Group Meeting #13
13-Jul-13 Traidcraft stall
20-Jul-13 Foodbank collection weekend
21-Jul-13 Bromley Foodbank collection
23-Jul-13 Nature walk and picnic (raised £40 from an ecumenical fitness group)
31-Aug-13 34 trees planted so far
03-Sep-13 LiveSimply Group Meeting #14
11-Sep-13 Garden planning meeting #4
15-Sep-13 Masses with LiveSimply Liturgy #6 (LCHW)
15-Sep-13 Leave the Car at Home Weekend
21-Sep-13 Garden site clearance session #4
22-Sep-13 Clean and Green Home eco-hints published in Briefly and basis of webpage
28-Sep-13 Traidcraft stall
06-Oct-13 Autumn Festival
06-Oct-13 Manna Centre collection
06-Oct-13 Masses with LiveSimply Liturgy #7 (Creation Mass)
26-Oct-13 Garden session #5
09-Nov-13 Traidcraft stall
12-Nov-13 LiveSimply Group Meeting #15
16-Nov-13 Garden session #6 (Woodland Trust planting)
16-Nov-13 Bromley Foodbank collection
24-Nov-13 Masses with LiveSimply Liturgy #8 (“Hungry for Change” talk and postcards)
30-Nov-13 Forest School tidy up at St James' School (evidence in head's email)
30-Nov-13 Traidcraft stall
01-Jan-14 38 trees planted so far
12-Jan-14 Traidcraft stall
09-Feb-14 Masses with LiveSimply Liturgy #9 (LiveSimply prayer at all Masses, 9.15 Child Lit singing, 11.00 7s&8s reading, LiveSimply hymn at both)
12-Feb-14 LiveSimply Group Meeting #16 (also site research for recycling in the hall)
25-Feb-14 Garden planning meeting #5
01-Mar-14 Boot Fair stall for Cardinal Hume Centre
09-Mar-14 Children's Liturgy and Brownie presentation
09-Mar-14 53 trees planted so far (Brownies contributed 17)
09-Mar-14 Traidcraft stall
09-Mar-14 Liturgy #10 - bidding prayers only (Fairtrade Fortnight ended)
29-Mar-14 Garden session #7
13-Apr-14 Guides LiveSimply Lenten Lunch
07-May-14 Garden planning meeting #6
10-May-14 Garden session #8
24-May-14 Garden session #9
25-May-14 Masses with LiveSimply Liturgy #11 (Thanksgiving)
27-May-14 63rd tree ordered
29-May-14 Award application submitted