Live Simply
Substantial  Create wildlife garden and worship space July 2013 to celebrate church building’s 50th anniversary
Supporting Have ecumenical nature walk and picnic Spring 2013
actions Hold indoor loaves and fishes picnic, and give money saved to charity Lent 2013
Make LiveSimply banner from recycled materials Completed May 2012
Appropriate music to enhance Liturgy Montlhy throughout
Distribute LiveSimply prayer cards for use at Mass Montlhy throughout
Live Sustainably
Substantial  Switch church energy supply to green supplier OR buy carbon offsets to reduce church and Presbytery footprint by 10% January 2014
Supporting Assist our school to develop its Forest School project area. Spring 2013
actions Encourage parishioners, especially the young, to walk or cycle to Mass and meetings held on the premises.  Have special Sunday walk to Mass day. April-September 2013
Ensure planned refurbishment to church hall is carried out sympathetically to the environment. December 2012
Encourage synergy between LiveSimply and Autumn Festival. October 2013/14
Set up scheme for tree planting on behalf of newly baptized, first Holy Communicants, confirmed and married. Throughout
Set up properly researched, equipped and monitored recycling scheme and composting food waste from church premises. From Autumn 2012 and continuing
Children's bulb planting project. Autumn 2012
Provide environmental information on our website and with handouts. Throughout
Live in Solidarity with the poor
Substantial  Adopt CAFOD Connect2 project.  Bangladesh selected and introductory material received from CAFOD. As long as community needs us
Supporting actions Engage younger parishioners in prayer life through contribution to the liturgy, especially with the bidding prayers. From Oct/Nov 2012 at regular intervals
Collect used children’s shoes for the Shoe Rafiki project. Throughout
Hold a Rich Man Poor Man dinner. Autumn 2012
Sponsor a child or children overseas. From January 2013
Collect items for local food bank and homeless centre. Throughout
Brownie badge work relating to environment and world issues. 2013
Visit the housebound. Throughout