7 attendees: MM= Mary O’Mahony, IS = Ian Stewart (chair), PL = Peter Lowe, AM = Angela Martin, OC = Owen Clutton, NB = Nick Babb, RW = Roger Wright (secretary)

Agreed actions shown in bold red type.

The meeting started with a prayer, remembering the victims, survivors and emergency works of the Indonesian tsunami.

1.       Apologies for absence

June Adams

2.       Foodbank

IS asked if Sandra Said’s idea to collect donations when children were playing Trick or Treat at Halloween had been successful.  RW to ask her about next year, and if she would like to assist J&P by helping with deliveries.  He agreed to email Sandra, and also ask about other J&P issues she might like to be involved with.

The delivery rota was agreed: IS January, RW February, MM March.

3.       Parish Overseas Project

The second collection at the coming weekend would be for St Catherine’s.  OC would arrange the final collection for around 23 June 2019, subject to agreement with Geoff Ford once the diocesan calendar had been published.

OC would contact Fr Joe to ask how much of the funds we had sent remained to be spent and how had the money been allocated.

4.       Bidding prayers

J&P prayers had been offered and used every week since 04 November.  The system of circulating suggested contributions to jandp.prayers@stjamespettswood.org was working well.  RW reminded composers to send them that way and he would forward them to the Parish Office after 24 hours.  This would give everyone the chance to comment, but more importantly ensure that conflicting dates were avoided.

5.       Human Trafficking

IS had been in contact with Fr Mark Odion and invited him to give talks at St James'.  Fr David was happy for Fr Mark to deliver his talks in place of the normal homilies at all Masses.  A date was yet to be agreed, but his visit might include an event in the hall after 6pm Mass, including an appropriate film.  He would need hospitality.  A friend of MM’s daughter was working on government policy, and there might be a possibility of using her knowledge at some point.

6.       Victims of Injustice

The card signing campaign had been a great success with about 80 parishioners enthusiastically taking an active part.  Because of a misunderstanding about how the cards were to be dispatched, a surplus of £100 was available from the donations made by signers.  After discussion about how the surplus should be spent, AM noted that her preference would be for Masses offered for victims.  This was agreed, and RW would ask for 4 Masses (£40) at St James' and the remaining £60 to be donated to Aid to the Church in Need for Masses said overseas by generally poor priests.  The St James' ones would be offered in the name of the four people we had supported.

7.       Global Healing event

It was agreed to stage this on a weekday evening, probably on a Wednesday when the hall is free each week.  The fund raising aspect would be kept low key, with a simple retiring collection.  Initial thoughts were that a finger buffet would proceed the film.  After that perhaps those present could be reminded/appraised of the LiveSimply award St James' achieved in 2014.  We could seek out people’s views on what we could all do individually and as a parish to help our ecological conversion.

MM would ask the Filipino community if they would like to be involved not only in catering, but also bring their personal experiences of climate in the Philippines to the discussion.  The event would be linked to the problems which St Catherine’s may suffer in future.

Marketing the event

RW suggested that as soon s possible in 2019 we should be talking to parishioners with personal invitations to the event.  An A5 flyer would be needed to aid such conversations.  [RW has since obtained the agreement of Joe Falzon to design this.]

MM noted that the Confirmandi will still be an identifiable group, and she would encourage some of them to attend.  It is very important that young people engage with us, because their opinions need to be heard by older generations.

IS suggested that we should also invite parishioners of St Joseph’s.  Hopefully they would be willing to provide a report on how their parish has developed since the Global Healing evening they had last month.

[RW subsequently realised that a Wednesday meeting would exclude Fr David.  Suzanne agreed to book Tuesday 30 April, and would tell Firm Believers to either cancel or move to Wednesday for that week.]

8.       Christmas Fair

The J&P stall would be divided between NB’s Ugandan crafts and the sale of Zaytoun olive oil.  NB and RW would set this up on Saturday 08 Dec at 10am.  AM, IS, OC and RW (and Ellen) would be on the stall at various times from 10am to 2pm on Sunday.  Mike Cracknell had agreed to provide loaves of fougasse for dipping into the oil and also for sale.

9.       Any Other Business

NB noted that a CAFOD Lent Fast Day briefing would be held at St James' on Saturday 26 January 2019.  This would be advertised in Briefly and more widely by CAFOD.

MM would not be present for the next meeting.


There being no other business, the meeting closed at 9.30pm.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 23 January at 7.45pm.