Thank you for your offerings last week of £1,467.  Second Collection for the Maintenance Fund £859.  Mass attendance 736.


Sunday 12th November


(Saturday Vigil)

Thirty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time


6pm         Thanks to St Jude




9.15am    Francesca Sio RIP (Sio Family)

11am       James, Roseanna, Joan & Seamus O’Keeffe and Gerry McQuinlan RIP (L&A Morgan)


Monday 13th November




9.30am    Barbara Bridle (L Henderson)


Tuesday 14th November




9.30am    Thanksgiving – Alston Antao birthday celebration (Antao Family)


Wednesday 15th November



9.30am    Keith Blacker RIP (E Blacker)



10.45am  Eucharistic Adoration


Thursday 16th November



9.30am    Aljo Pullan RIP & Paul Chittilappily RIP (N Roy)


Friday 17th November



9.30am    Chris Barrett RIP (L Barrett & Family)


Sunday 19th November


(Saturday Vigil)

Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time


6pm         Thanks to the Holy Spirit




9.15am    Mary Lowe & Family RIP (K Self)

                Francesca Sio RIP (Sio Family)


11am       People of The Parish


Confessions heard Saturday 5.00-5.45pm or by appointment.

Morning Prayer: Takes place Monday – Friday at 9.10am.  All are welcome to attend.

Pondering the Word (Lectio Divina)

A quiet reflective look at the following Sunday’s Gospel.  Mondays 11am - 12 noon, except for Bank Holidays, here in the church.  All welcome.

Sunday Mornings in the Community Centre

Every Sunday coffee and tea is served after the 9.15am and 11am Masses.  Please join us for a while and get to know each other over a cuppa!

Second Collection

This week’s collection is for the Archbishop’s Administration Fund.  Next week’s second collection is for the new parish project, St Catherine’s, Philippines.

Christmas items in the Repository

Religious advent calendars, Christmas cards and the like are now on sale in the repository and from the stall in the church porch after all Sunday Masses.

Fr David writes…

I will always remember Catherine, a forty two year old mother of three beautiful girls who was transferred to the hospice for some respite.  As a chaplain I first was approached by her heart broken husband who was visibly and understandably distressed at the prospect of losing his beloved wife.  That day he seemed distinctly downcast as he explained to me that his wife had seemed to be withdrawing from him emotionally at a time when he needed to have quality time with her, as time was becoming unbelievably precious for them both.  I remember suggesting that I will meet them in my office for a chat.  Catherine looked pale but had a peaceful air about her.  Whilst she gave time to her husband to share his anxiety of seeing her retreating from him and their children at that very crucial time in their lives, she responded by saying to him – “I need to start retreating slowly from you and the children, not because I love you less but because I need to gather myself in order to prepare myself to meet my Creator”.  I had never heard anyone until that moment articulate with such clarity the process of dying.  I knew there and then that this woman was special.

Catherine had not suddenly transformed into a mystic.  Her sharing of some aspects of her life subsequently with me, I realised that she had lived her life with clear intent.  Her love towards her husband was more intense now than when they had met as teenage lovers during sixth form.  Her heart ached at the prospect of the looming reality of leaving her three young beautiful girls behind.  She was conscious of the extent of the sacrifice she was asked to endure.  There was no escapism in any shape or form of pious spiritualisation of the situation.  She wanted to centre herself in order to be prepared to meet her God and be able to say adequately her goodbyes and thank yous to her beloved family when the time comes.  And that is what she did.  On her death bed, she wanted to speak to her family one by one uttering her goodbyes and thank yous.  It was a heart-breaking moment to us all, but she did it with dignity and much faith.  She died as she lived – in wisdom.  Catherine for me symbolised a woman who lived her life focussed on what mattered, on what was essential and so when she was called before her time to face her mortality, the core of her being was prepared.  And although her family experienced her loss as tragic, she did not leave them resentful.  Although their life never resumed normality, after some years, they could also move on including her husband.  Catherine’s wisdom was a gift to them all too.  Wisdom has this power to touch and transform others on her path.  Catherine had her lamp filled with oil.

Today’s liturgy especially the first reading and the gospel speaks of the gifts and attributes of wisdom.  The author of today’s proposed passage from the book of Wisdom is a wise man who discovered the wisdom of God and wants his readers to fall in love with it.  So, he presents it personified as a beautiful girl, as a young girl who plays and jokes before God: “it is bright and incorruptible, he who loves it never tires of contemplating it”.  The passage ends by proclaiming blessed and free from care the one who makes the wisdom of God his own, who trusts his life on it.  In Thessalonica, in the second reading, the expectation of the imminent end of the world was beginning to create serious problems, so much so that Paul felt the need to intervene.  Some, convinced that a short time to live remained and that food supplies could be sufficient, had stopped working, had become idle thus discrediting the whole community.  Fifty years later, when Matthew writes his gospel, the historical, cultural and religious contexts have changed.  Christian communities have arisen in the pagan world.  The problems faced by the disciples are different.  In the new situation, one feels more than ever the need of the illuminating word of the Master.  Matthew, a true pastor of souls, attentive to the spiritual needs of his church, retakes the parable of Jesus and once again, offered it, adapting it to the new reality.  Disappointed by the failure of the Lord’s return, many resumed the dissolute life they had led before baptism.  They returned to take an interest in the trade and business.  They resumed their arrogant attitudes towards their employees and exploited slaves just as if they had never heard the gospel of Christ.  They were plunged into a dangerous spiritual slumber; they were at the mercy of the most complete blunting of consciousness.

The parable of the ten virgins does not indicate any longer Israel but the Church that awaits the return of the Lord, her bridegroom.  Thus, there is a logical explanation for the fact that the bride does not appear at all.  The bride is the Christian community, represented by the ten virgins.  “Five of them were foolish and five were wise”.  The five foolish virgins represent the Christians at risk, those disciples who were asleep and behave frivolously.  They focus on lives that are transient, they neglect the true values, they forget the one thing necessary, that of becoming a disciple.  The vigilant virgins are instead the Christians who do not let themselves be seduced by vanity and remain focused on what is important in life.  Jesus is not coming only at the end of life.  He comes in every moment and wants to find us his disciples engaged in service, in the gift of ourselves to others.  He wants to find us mindful on what is essential in life.  Today’s once again the readings challenge us about our focus in life.  Because of our lack of consciousness of our own mortality, do we waste time on trivial living or are we constantly building ourselves on what remains and survives beyond this life.

Drop-In” Evening Surgeries

Please note the change of day

The next Drop-in Surgery will take place on Wednesday 15th November between 5–7pm.  Please call at 281a Crescent Drive.  No appointments are necessary.

Primary School Supplementary Information Forms (SIF)

If you are applying for a place at a Catholic Primary School and need me to sign your SIF, could you please ensure that all paperwork and a family photo is handed in (to me or the Parish Office) by Thursday 7th December at the latest.  Thank You.  Fr David.

Christmas Day Lunch with Fr David!

I would like to invite adult parishioners, either individuals or couples, who are on their own this year to join me for Christmas Day lunch in the Community Centre.  Transport can be provided to collect you and bring you home and there will be great food, good company and the Queens speech!

We have 40 places available, so if you would like to join me, please phone, visit or email the parish office as soon as possible.  Places are available on a ‘first come first served basis’ and we must know final numbers by 14th December.

Regrettably, we won’t be able to accommodate young families with children at this event.

Liturgy Pillar

Eucharist Adoration

takes place for an hour each Wednesday shortly after the morning Mass starting at 10.45 am and finishing at 11.45 am.  This Devotion to the Eucharist is a time of silent prayer and quiet music.  Everyone is welcome for all or part of this time of prayer before the Blessed Sacrament.

First Friday of Month - Eucharist Adoration also takes place on the 1st Friday of each month from 7.30 pm – 9pm and concludes with Benediction.  Everyone is welcome for all or part of this time of prayer before the Blessed Sacrament.

Annual Cemetery Mass and Blessing of the Graves

will take place at St Mary’s, Crown Lane, Chislehurst on Saturday 18th November at Noon, remembering those buried at Saint Mary's and Beaverwood Cemetery.  Also, on Sunday 19th November at 2pm at Kemnal Park cemetery and memorial gardens the annual Catholic blessing of the graves will take place.

Children's Liturgy helpers and leaders needed!

Do you have a child who attends Children's Liturgy? If so, please have a think about volunteering in this very important ministry.  Our children are only children for a very little time, and so we need new helpers and leaders!  I will be compiling a new rota for January and need helpers and leaders for this ministry and important part of 9.15 Mass to continue.  Please think about giving up a little bit of your time for the benefit of all our children.  Thank you.  Please email Hannah Harrison at or via the Rotas part of the website.

Christmas Choir

As we prepare to enter the Advent season, we invite singers to join in our Christmas choir which sings in four-part harmony.  The Advent service is on the 17th of December, Sunday at 4.00pm.  On Christmas Eve, we will start off with carols at 11.30pm followed by Midnight Mass.  Rehearsals will be held every Thursday from 7.30-9.00pm starting on the 16th November (followed by Nov 23, 30, Dec 7, 14, and possibly another rehearsal just before Christmas if needed).  This is a lovely way to participate in the parish festivities so if you enjoy singing, please come along to the first rehearsal on the 16th.  Hope to see many of you there.

Pastoral Care Pillar

Memorial Mass.  Sunday 12th November.  3pm.

For all those families who have lost a family member in the last year, a special Mass will be held in the Church and all Parishioners are most welcome to attend.  This will be followed by refreshments in the Community Centre when members of our Pastoral Care Team will be present should you feel the need to talk to someone.  In addition, there will be an opportunity to remember deceased family and friends at all Masses throughout November.  Sheets of paper are available in the Church porch if you would like your loved ones to be remembered.  Please place their names in the box provided, the names will then be placed on the altar from the beginning of November.

Dementia Café at St James’

On Saturday 25th November a meeting will be taking place in the Community Centre from 9.30am to 11.00am with Nicola Fishman, Community Development Worker for Bromley Dementia Support Hub with a view to starting up this worthwhile support within the Parish during the early part of 2018.  She will be talking to us about the benefits of the cafe and the structure required to be able to provide this service.  If you feel you would like to know more or wish to be involved in this initiative, please do come along to the meeting.

Evangelisation Pillar

Confirmation 2018

Calling all year Nine and above students who wish to be confirmed next year.  There is a “Come and See” meeting on Monday 6th November at 7.30pm in the Church.  This meeting is for candidates and their parents.  At the end of the meeting, packs will be distributed ready for enrolment into the programme which starts with a kick off day on Saturday 25th November.  If you intend to come to the meeting on the 6th, please let the parish office know by phone or email:   We look forward to meeting you all.  The Catechists

First Holy Communion 2018

If you would like your child to take part in our parish programme for First Holy Communion, please send an email to the Parish Office with all relevant details, child’s name, date of birth, school, names of parents, address and contact details.  Candidates must be in Year 3 or above.  All preparation classes are held on Saturdays from 4.30 to 5.45 and will run from January to June.   Dates for First Holy Communion are 9th and 16th June 2018.

Brain-storming Session on the Spiritual Growth of St James’

·         Have you attended any of our Parish spiritual formation events? (talks, workshops, study days, discussion groups) How do you find them?

·         Have you or your children attended any of the catechistic programmes? (Baptism preparation, First Holy Communion, Children Liturgy, Confirmation, RCIA) How do you find them?

·         What do you think can help you, your family, and the parish grow in faith?

·         Come and share your thoughts and ideas over a coffee (or a glass of wine) on Wednesday 22nd November 8pm in the Community Centre.

We look forward to seeing you and the sparkling discussion that evening.   If you cannot come, but would like to contribute, please email your thoughts and ideas to or speak to Ken Chan, Sue David, Hannah Harrison or Michelle Wilson.

Pilgrimage to The Holy Land

22nd – 30th November 2018

We are organising a pilgrimage to The Holy Land for next year.  This pilgrimage will be an opportunity to re-invigorate our faith as it will be rooted in prayer and biblical experiences and it will also provide opportunities for us to grow in fellowship.  We need to establish the level of interest and potential numbers so please complete the attached form and return to the parish office by 29th November 2017.

Youth Pillar

3rd Petts Wood Cubs – cake sale after 9.15 and 11am Masses

Following an inspirational visit from Paulette and her Guide Dog Ellme the Cubs will be holding a cake sale in the Community Centre after Masses today to raise funds for Guide Dogs For The Blind.  Please support us if you can.

St James’ Youth Group

The next Junior Youth Group will be held on Saturday 18th November in the Community Centre from noon to 2pm.  £1.50 per session - which includes lunch.

Christ the King Youth day

REMINDER: it is almost here!!! (18.11.17 at St Joseph’s Church, Plaistow Lane, Bromley)

Are you in school years 7 and above? If so, you are warmly invited to Christ the King Youth Day at St Joseph’s Church, Bromley on Saturday 18th November 2017 from 12pm until 6pm.  Preparations are underway for a day packed with fun, music, art and reflection led by the Southwark Catholic Youth Team and will be followed by a Youth Mass at 6pm.  Refreshments will be provided throughout the day, tickets cost £2 and can be bought on the day.  If you would like to get involved with the musical activities, please make sure to bring your instruments with you on the day.  So tell your friends and invite them along to enjoy a fantastic, youth-led celebration for the Feast of Christ the King.  We look forward to seeing you there! For more information on this event, see our website:

Church Sound System

We are looking for a volunteer with some knowledge in sound systems to take over the running and upkeep of the system.  This isn’t an onerous task and guidance will be given of the current system within the church.  Please contact the parish office if you can help.  Many Thanks.

Justice and Peace

Traidcraft Stall

Will be held next weekend.  All your favourites and some Christmas items.

Parish New Overseas Project

The second collection next weekend 18/19 November will be to support the technical education programme of the parish of St Catherine's in the Philippines.  The programme is for youngsters who have left school and unemployed adults in the skills of dress making and tailoring, electronics and electrical installation and welding.

Food Bank Supporters

We have been advised that the list of items in short supply has grown a bit since last week and is now as follows: instant coffee, desserts, nappies of all sizes, toilet rolls, men and women’s toiletries (especially shower gel, shampoo and deodorants), household goods such as washing powder, washing-up liquid, cleaning materials.  Thank you for your continuing support

Special request from the Foodbank

The Foodbank Christmas Tesco collection days are Thursday 30th November, Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd December at the Bromley and Orpington stores.  Please help the Foodbank collect food to give to their clients for Christmas.  You can sign up directly via the link:

Thank you.

Social Pillar

Dad & Me

The next meeting of Dad & Me will be held at the Community Centre on Saturday 18th November at 10am-11.30am.

Watch RISE Theatre’s new play about Blessed Oscar Romero

We are delighted to welcome RISE Theatre, a professional Christian theatre company, who will be performing their original play ‘Romero – Heartbeat of El Salvador’ at St James’ on Sunday 26th November at 7.30pm.

The production tells the true story of Blessed Oscar Romero and his heart for the oppressed people of El Salvador.  Romero chose to challenge those in power and stand up for social justice.  He demanded respect for human rights.  Come and experience this exciting new play, performed with energy and passion by the RISE Theatre team -

“A challenging and moving production about the life and legacy of this great man of justice.” Bridget Fenwick, CAFOD

For tickets please contact

Parish office on 01689 827100

or visit

Performance lasts approximately 75 minutes and is suitable for adults and children 11+

Friends of St James’

The Friends of St James’ AGM will take place in the community centre small hall straight after the 11am Mass on Sunday 26th November.  All Welcome.

The Christmas Fayre

is coming on Sunday 10th December after the 9.15am and 11am Masses.

Would you like to be involved?

Here are some opportunities:

Bake a cake from your country

Donate a Christmas dish from your country

Make/donate a Christmas decoration from your country

Donate a bottle for the bottle tombola

Sing/provide a Christmas carol from your country.  We hope to have carols being sung/played throughout the event.

Come and help on a stall

Donate old CDs / Computer games/DVDs (No Videos please)

All offers of help to be directed to the parish office – or sign up at the back of the church.


On Saturday 2nd December the parish Polish community together with the local Polish Playgroup invite Polish families to come join them in the community centre as traditionally Saint Nicholas brings presents on 6th December.  Contact Katarzyna for details and to register your kids as places are limited

Bollywood Dance Fitness

All are welcome from beginners to mixed ability, to join our dance class in a fun & friendly environment at St James' community centre, on Fridays from 2.00 to 2.45pm.  A dance routine with Bollywood music (Indian Film songs), that will make you smile, pump you with energy and burn your calories, with easy moves to remember forever.  If you are interested or want to give it a try, please contact Niljo Roy at email:

Petts Wood Churches Together

As part of Petts Wood Churches Together 500th Reformation Year, we have a special musical event arranged for 19th November at 2pm, to be held at Christ Lutheran Church.  The Secret Life of Lutheran Chorales, with Nordic Lyres, Bray Harp, bells and singing.  Please see the link:  Everyone is welcome.

Advent at Southborough Lane Baptist Church

On 26th November, Noel Richards will be giving a concert at Southborough Lane Baptist Church.  Tickets are £2.00 each.  Please contact or 07515 812530.

Parent and Toddler Group

St Francis Of Assisi, Greencourt Road (Off Willett Way)

The Little Lambs group for parents and toddlers (from birth to pre-school age) meet in St Francis Church Hall in term time on Tuesdays from 13.00 to 14.30.  The charge is £2 per family.

St Patrick’s Church Hall, Chislehurst Quiz Night

For the benefit of retired Priests.  Friday 24th November 7pm for a 7.30pm start.  Bring your own food and drink.  £5 per person.  For more information call Paul Goodhill on 020 8462 0957 or email

Seeing a Chaplain if You Are Admitted to Hospital

Fr David would always be very happy to visit you too, so please ask a relative or friend to let him know about your admission.  You or they can email Fr David on, or phone the parish office on 01689 827100.

Weekend Rotas:  Thank you for helping.

Saturday 18th November

Cleaning the Church

A Haylock, A Crossland, G MacManus, K Evans


Wednesday Coffee

22nd November

M Gyi, S Barradell, B D’Arcy



19th November


Saturday 6pm (Vigil)

Sunday 9.15am

Sunday 11am


A Huntington

L Samuels

J-P Samuels

S Barradell

P Benson



D Woolston

C Kiely

C Hairs

H Denham

P Lowe

P Dabrowski


Ministers of Holy Communion

J Bajorek

H Rothon

M Cahill

C Cahill

J Callinan

W David

B D’Arcy

T Forde

M Smith

M Howell


T Troy

A Bunnage

P Murray

V Terry




P Cosgrave

R Monaghan




L Lynch

S Barradell

T Troy

J Cosgrave



M Shea, T Wrafter, K Evans