Pages updated recently
24 Jan 15:  Social Centre bookings now made through Parish Office
24 Jan 15:  Briefly for the 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
16 Jan 15:  Briefly for the 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
09 Jan 15:  Briefly for The Baptism of The Lord
02 Jan 15:  Children's Liturgy rota for 11th January to 19th April 2015
02 Jan 15:  Briefly for The Epiphany of The Lord
28 Dec 14: Rotas for period 4th January to 22nd February 2015
20 Dec 14: Briefly for the Fourth Sunday of Advent and The Holy Family
13 Dec 14: Briefly for the Third Sunday of Advent (Gaudete Sunday)
12 Dec 14: Times of Christmas services
07 Dec 14: Briefly for the Second Sunday of Advent
02 Dec 14: Minutes of J&P meeting held on 26th November 2014
29 Nov 14: Briefly for the First Sunday of Advent
22 Nov 14: Briefly for Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe
19 Nov 14: Parish Office opening hours and contact email
17 Nov 14: Presentation of Bene Merenti medals to Geoff, Breda and Frank
16 Nov 14: St James' Pre-School page updated (term dates and prospectus)
15 Nov 14: Briefly for 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
09 Nov 14: What's On in December added
08 Nov 14: Briefly for The Dedication of the Lateran Basilica (Remembrance Sunday)
04 Nov 14: Petts Wood Festival Chorus news
03 Nov 14: Minutes of J&P meeting held on 22nd October 2014
29 Oct 14: Rotas for period 9th November to 28th December 2014
25 Oct 14: Briefly for 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time and All Saints
18 Oct 14: Briefly for 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time
11 Oct 14: Briefly for 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time
10 Oct 14: What's On in November added
04 Oct 14: Photos of Induction of Fr Tom on 20th September 2014
04 Oct 14: Briefly for 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time
27 Sep 14: Briefly for 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time
26 Sep 14: Minutes of J&P meeting held on 24th September 2014
26 Sep 14: Church cleaning rota from 27th September
20 Sep 14: Briefly for 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time
13 Sep 14: Briefly for The Exaltation of the Holy Cross
13 Sep 14: Briefly for 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
31 Aug 14:  What's On in October added
31 Aug 14:  Briefly for 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
23 Aug 14:  Rotas for period 14th September to 2nd November 2014
23 Aug 14:  Children's Liturgy rota for 14th September to 4th January 2015
13 Aug 14:  The way to request Mass intentions has changed
06 Aug 14:  Photos of Fr Tom on his first weekend at St James'
05 Aug 14:  The photobook presented to Fr Bryan and Teresa
28 Jul 14:   Another report by CAFOD about our LiveSimply award
27 Jul 14:   Minutes of J&P meeting held on 23rd July 2014
26 Jul 14:   Farewell Garden Party for Fr Bryan and Teresa
26 Jul 14:   St James' Fun Run photos, results, thanks, etc.
26 Jul 14:   What's On in September added
26 Jul 14:   Briefly for 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time
24 Jul 14:   What's On in August added
19 Jul 14:   Briefly for 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time
18 Jul 14:   Celebration of 75th anniversary with Archbishop Peter
17 Jul 14:   Finishing touches to the LiveSimply Garden for Archbishop's visit
14 Jul 14:   CAFOD report of 75th anniversary
04 Jul 14:   Briefly for 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time
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