Church and Community Centre Rotas
Click on the links below to inspect the rota for which you are interested.  Note that phone numbers are not published in these rotas.  Each page contains rotas for the following duties:
  Ministers of Holy Communion
  Bar, Tellers and Coffee (9.15am and 11.00am)
  Wednesday coffee and church cleaning
  Church cleaning
  Children's Liturgy Leaders and Helpers
You should make sure you are ‘covered’ by someone else, if you cannot manage a particular Mass.  Phone numbers will be found on the back of the printed copy of your rota.  Some of the rotas are also circulated by email and these contain phone numbers.  If you wish to change one of your dates, and you do not have the number you need, please email the person responsible for the rota concerned:
  Rosa del Guercio (main rotas)
  Hannah Harrison (Children's Liturgy)
If you would like to join any one of the above rotas, you should contact the rota organiser listed above.  Note that training is required for some of the duties.
Revd David Camilleri | Tel: 01689 827100  |  281a Crescent Drive, Petts Wood, Orpington, BR5 1AY
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