Finding a church
There are lots of online resources to help us make sure we can get to Mass when on holiday, or visiting at any time of the year.  Churches in the UK and Ireland are quite easy to find using the Catholic diocesan websites.  First of all you will need to find out which diocese your holiday location is situated.  
The Church in England & Wales website has an interactive map of its dioceses.  There are links from that map to every diocese.  Some of those links take you direct to the respective parish directory giving basic details such as Mass times.  With others you will be taken to the diocesan home page where you should look for links labelled "Parishes" or "The Diocese" or maybe an interactive map or perhaps a neat search procedure.  They all work completely differently!  You may have to look at more than one diocese if your holiday location happens to be near a border.  (If the direct link doesn't work - because the website has been altered - start here and follow "Bishops' Conference" then "Dioceses".)
Click here to see the map of dioceses in Ireland (both Northern Ireland and Eire).  From there you can reach each diocesan website and most have parish directories, once again with different methods of linking to locations and Mass times.  However, when in Ireland, you are never far from a Catholic church, so probably don't need much pre-planning!
Scotland is a little more difficult because the only website which covers the country is that of the Bishops' Conference.  You will need to start by locating the diocese you are visiting by using this map.  Having done that, click on the "Members" button and work your way down the list of bishops until you come to the diocese you want and click on its link.  From there you should find a parish directory in one form or another.  If you find a better way than this please let the webmaster know!
Whichever way you find it, the entry for each church will have basic information such as Mass times, address, phone number, etc.  Some will also have the parish website address so you can find out more about the church before deciding on which one to visit.
Travelling farther afield, you can still find out a lot before leaving home.  In traditional Catholic countries like Spain and Italy, you can be certain of finding a church fairly close unless you like to hide away in a mountain hut.  
For the USA try starting here.  
Remember, it doesn't matter that you can't understand a word of the liturgy, you will still be 'hearing' and 'attending' Mass and can receive Our Lord at Holy Communion.  You do need to make sure you are at a Roman Catholic church and not the Russian Orthodox or some other non-Roman rite.
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