The hiring of the hall is principally for existing Parish Groups as per the list in the Parish directory of approved Groups and Parishioners of St James the Great RC Church.
The hall can also continue to be hired to existing non parish groups at the discretion of the Parish Priest.
The hall is not hired out during Mass times and hirers preparing to use the hall on Saturday evening must ensure that noise is minimised if set up occurs during Mass time.  Hiring arrangements to Parish uniformed groups for fundraising activities after Mass will continue to be under the direct control of the Parish Priest or his nominee.
Bookings from groups or individuals that are not covered by the above are to be referred to the Parish Office to seek approval if they involve the sale of alcohol or use of the stage.
The new rates to be charged including the half hour either side of a booking are effective from 22nd February 2016.
All persons booking the hall must sign the booking form with the original retained by the Parish Office and a signed copy (duplicate) handed back to the hirer.
Hirers are to be reminded that the Parish Priest retains the right to cancel any booking at his absolute discretion.
A central diary of all hall bookings will be maintained by the Parish Office.  Bookings already made can be viewed here.
St James' Community Centre
Hall Hiring rules summary, February 2016
Booking form can be downloaded by clicking the link below
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