Parking warning and request
We have received legitimate complaints from our neighbours, especially those in Crescent Drive, about the inconsiderate way some of our congregation abandon their cars near the church on Sunday mornings.  Fr David cannot be held responsible for those late comers to Mass who parked on the double yellow lines at the junction of Crescent Drive and Lakeswood, nor those who chose to overlap residents' drives.
The junction of Crescent Drive from Lakeswood Road is an accident blackspot because it is blind for turning traffic.  The firm that operates the Traffic Warden System for Bromley operates on Sundays at selected "black spots" and it is very likely that they will select our junction in the near future.   Therefore people who are late for Mass and park their vehicles on the double yellow lines will eventually get a fine and penalty points.  Some people choose to park their vehicle each side of a narrow road, in such a manner that an emergency vehicle cannot pass through the gap.  We have had also several instances of parking partially blocking a drive access.  These inconsiderate people give the parish of St James' a very bad name.  Surely, none of us want to be responsible for the delay to an ambulance while we worship at Mass.
It is likely, because of the problems that have arisen, that the "black spot" will be eliminated by the extension of the double yellow lines along Crescent Drive to the bend opposite the Presbytery.  This will restrict further the parking adjacent to the Church.
Please do not upset our neighbours or get a hefty fine by parking in an uncaring manner.  Better still, give God an extra 10 minutes, and enjoy a nice walk, by leaving your car further away from the church.
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