Passover Supper in the Social Centre
Monday 22nd April 2010
Beverley Taylor made a welcome return to St James' to lead us through a celebration of the Passover Supper.  More than 60 parishioners and guests were there to enjoy hearing about the various parts of the celebration, both the profundity and the fun.
Beverley follows the Liberal tradition within Judaism, is a lay preacher and a former chair at the South London Liberal synagogue.  The service recalls vividly the conditions in which the Israelites lived in Egypt and how they were delivered.  She explained the significance of the different foods and, importantly how the messages of the Passover, especially liberation from oppression, resonate up to the present day (and not only for the Jews).
She also made it clear how children have their important part to play in the service, and Fr Bryan in his thanks to Beverley remarked on how we in the Christian churches have much we could learn from the Jewish faith, including the way they take their religion right into the heart of the home.
We were reminded that the main structure of the Passover meal has remained constant across the millennia, and the celebration we went through would have been very familiar to Christ, when he celebrated the Passover the night before he died.
It was a great preparation for us for Easter generally and for Maundy Thursday in particular.
Thanks to Chris Hairs for the report and pictures.
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