Guides celebrate 60 years
Sunday 13th September 2009
The St James' Guides carry the Papal Flag and the Guiding Flag to represent their unity with the Catholic and Guiding family all over the world.  At 11.30am Parade Mass a new Papal Flag was blessed and dedicated, coinciding with the beginning of the Centenary year of Guiding.
The Guides and Leaders thanked Sheila Simon their previous Guide Leader, for her continued support of the Guides at St James' for more than 25 years and for presenting them with this special gift, their new Papal Flag.  Sheila was presented with flowers by Fr Bryan after the blessing of the flag, and there was warm applause for her from the whole congregation.  The Guides had a cake with candles ready for her and all those who joined in the celebration in the Social Centre after Mass.
The symbolism of the flag is explained as follows:
• The flag of Vatican City, consisting of a ground of white and yellow divided vertically into equal parts. The white part bears the seal of Vatican State, consisting of the tiara and cross-keys, with the inscription Stato della Città del Vatiacano. The crossed keys of gold and silver symbolize the keys of the kingdom of heaven promised to Saint Peter, with authority to bind and loose (Matthew 16:18-19).
• The triple crown (the tiara) represents "the three powers of the Supreme Pontiff: Sacred Orders, Jurisdiction and Magisterium", in other words: his functions as "supreme priest", "supreme pastor" and "supreme teacher".
• The gold cross surmounting the triple crowns symbolizes the crucifixion of Jesus.
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