St James' Fun Run
9th July 2017
See the results here and the photos here
Michelle and Paul Norman-Brown and family and Alex Monahan and Explorer Scouts for their work running the registration table and Michelle for photographing and making the biscuit medals.
Stella Delf for designing this year’s Fun Run certificates.  Sue David for leading the warm-up.  Steve Vass for the loan of the amplifier for the warm up.  Charlotte Lamb for starting and recording the times.
The Explorer Scouts for preparing the course, setting out the arrows and cones on the day.  St John Ambulance for their care and professionalism.  The Friends of St James' who helped to advertise the event and help people to sign up for it.  The marshals:  Marcy Garcia, Denise Delf, Mark Troy, Karla Edwards, Chris and Doreen Hairs, Kate Charlesworth, Gaynor Whitley, Stella Delf, Jim Callinan, Orla Benson and Francesca Dunning.  
Thanks to all the people who contributed, those that offered to help and made themselves available in case there was a need for more help, also those that supported in other ways.
The annual St James Fun Run, which was held as part of the celebrations for Fr David’s silver jubilee, along with a visit from Bishop Pat and a Garden Party in the church garden, was a great success.  More than 170 parishioners took part in the run and there were more spectators than usual cheering them on.  The weather was very warm, sunny and dry and about 150 bottles of water were consumed.
Photographs of the event can be found by clicking the link above.
It was extremely difficult to record the times and positions this year, especially with some people doing one lap and others two laps but most have been recorded and can be seen in the results link above.
Fr David is thankful for those who sponsored him, and around the course, before joining the festivities afterwards in the garden.
Due to maintenance work being carried out on the railway footbridges, the course this year consisted of two laps of Jubilee Park (instead of the usual Tong’s Farm route) with the option to do either one or two of the laps.   Most entrants chose to do the two laps despite the hot weather.  The two lap course was 4.8 km - or nearly 3 miles!
No prizes were given out this year but we did try to keep track of times and those we took are included on the website.  
After costs the Fun Run raised just over £700 in entrance fees and sponsorship which will go to the St James' maintenance fund.
The Fun Run organizing team (Chris Delf, Michelle Norman-Brown and Peter Benson) would like to thank all those who helped put on this event especially:
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