Thank you for your offerings last week of £1,858.  Mass attendance 743.


Sunday 16th July


(Saturday Vigil)

Fifteenth Sunday


6pm          Peggy Cornwell RIP (M Farell)

                  Sharon Fernandes RIP (Fernandes Family)


9.15am      Francesca M Sio RIP (J&L Sio)


11am         David Bridle RIP (Bridle Family)


Monday 17th July




9.30am     Foundation Mass – Sheila Simon RIP



6pm          Mass for Mrs Bosher


Tuesday 18th July




9.30am     Helen & Robert Baldwin RIP (H Denham)


Wednesday 19th July



9.30am     Fr Paul Obada (M Thomas)



10.45am   Eucharistic Adoration


Thursday 20th July




9.30am     Private Intention (E Cushman)


Friday 21stJuly



10am        Whole School Mass.  Year 6 Leavers’ Mass

                 (Please note change of time)

                 Adaikalamuthu RIP (Chandran Family)


Sunday 23rd July


(Saturday Vigil)

Sixteenth Sunday


6pm         Moira Lyons RIP (G Whitley & Family)


9.15am     Nell Faria RIP (J Craen)

                  Francesca M Sio RIP (J&L Sio)


11am        People Of The Parish


Confessions heard Saturday 5.00-5.45pm or by appointment.

Morning Prayer: Takes place Monday – Friday at 9.10am.  All are welcome to attend.

Pondering the Word (Lectio Divina)

A quiet reflective look at the following Sunday’s Gospel.  Mondays 11am - 12 noon, except for Bank Holidays, here in the Church.  All welcome.

Fr David writes…

Communication between human beings fascinates me.  In communication it is not only important to express what you want to convey.  In communication the other person needs to be receptive to what you are trying to tell him/her.  In couples counselling it is always interesting to see the dynamics being expressed in front of me.  If one of the couple is very upset, he or she is enclosed in their own anger and pain.  Although many times, they are expressing to the other person about what has really upset them, they in reality, are not interested in a response.  They are concentrating on their pain.  Their pain encloses them and consumes them.  They are not opened or even interested to hear what the other partner is trying to tell them.  They are totally consumed by their own emotions.  Underneath their anger and frustration it is not uncommon that they are expressing a real deep sadness.  Through their anger they are trying to tell the other – how much they love them and how much it hurts that their trust has been betrayed by them.  On the other hand, the other person needs to be very centred in himself/herself in order not to respond back with anger.  A good counsellor needs to help them, after allowing the emotions to be expressed appropriately, to first of all express the real emotion which is fuelling their anger.

Once you help them to burst the bubble of what is really hurting them, then you can start helping to facilitate the process of building some kind of communication between the couple.  Then one can start being opened to receive the message of the other.  Receiving is not always easy.  We do have so many different ways of blocking ourselves from receiving the truth.  On account of our hectic lives, we do not find adequate time to listen and receive.  We half-heartedly listen to what is really being said to us.  To be receptive demands discipline.  Receptivity demands being centred within yourself.  Receptivity demands quality time.  Receptivity demands our full attention.  Most of the time, in communication one needs to put oneself and one’s agenda on the back burner in order to receive fully what is being conveyed to him/her in the present moment.  However, the discipline in listening and receiving pays off.  When real communication between two human beings happens, something extraordinary evolves.  Both partners are opened to grow and be enriched.  Both partners can expand and be transformed.  The connection becomes sacred.  Two souls connect together simultaneously.

In the parable of the sowing of the seed, Jesus is imparting to his hearers what happens when God tries to communicate with us.  He speaks of different degrees of receptivity.  God wants passionately to engage with us.  Our response varies according to our receptivity.  Firstly there are those who hear the word without understanding it, and the word is easily taken from them by those who oppose its power.  Secondly there are those whose first enthusiasm for the word cannot withstand trial because the word has never taken root in them.  Thirdly there are those who hear the word but are overcome by a litany of distractions and lose it.  Finally there are those who hear the word and understand it, and who take it to heart and make it their own and yield the harvest through their perseverance.  I believe that the priority of receiving the word of God is a desire for a relationship with Him.

Most of the time, this demands vulnerability on our part.  Something needs to happen in our lives out of the blue and we are asked to listen and receive.  We do not feel we are in control anymore.  We are in a place of utter receptivity.  When the world around us collapses as sometimes it does, we have no option but to be still and receive.  We yearn for some kind of wisdom.  A paradigm shift happens in our lives.  We need to renegotiate our bearings.  This is the time to listen and receive the word within us.  It is only then that our soil is ready to receive the seed.  When we feel that our lives are under control, then the word of God becomes superfluous.  My desire for us is that we do not wait for a tragedy to happen in order to be opened to God’s desire to enter our lives.  Let us make it our way of life to spend quality time every day centred in God, listening to his word and being receptive of it in order to transform our lives.  This process will definitely help us to be receptive more in life in general and most important to one another in our relationships.

Thank you!

To everyone who was involved with the celebration Mass especially Bishop Pat, the choirs and soloists, the flower arrangers, the altar servers and the parish office.  I would also like to thank the Friends of St James’ for organising, and everyone who joined in, our St James’ Feast and Silver Jubilee celebrations last weekend.  The fun run and garden party were very successful and happy events and everyone seemed to have a good time.  I would like to thank in a special way everyone for their generosity, good wishes, cards and gifts.  Some of you asked for a copy of the booklet used at the 11am Mass last Sunday and there are some spare copies in the porch.  I would also like to apologise to any of our neighbours who were disturbed on Sunday.  Thank you for letting us know about this.  Next year we will let you know about our garden party in advance.  Fr David

Drop-In” – Evening Surgeries

There will be no drop-in evening surgeries until further notice.  So if you would like to see Fr David, please email him or phone the parish office for an appointment.  Thank you.

The Parish Pastoral Council

The next meeting of the Parish Pastoral Council will take place on Wednesday 19th July at 7.30pm in the Community Centre.  Parishioners are very welcome to come along for the first half hour of the meeting.  Alternatively, you may raise any relevant issue using the PPC mailbox which is

Holy Baptism

This weekend we welcome, through Holy Baptism, Samuel Birch and his parents Derek and Elisabeth; and Kira Etherton and her parents Stuart and Cindy.

Altar Servers

Congratulations, and thanks, to our Altar Servers who were enrolled into the Guild of St Stephen's at the celebration Mass on Sunday 9th July and to those who were enrolled at the 40th Annual Rally for Altar Servers at Aylesford Priory on 1st May.

James Macfadyen

James Monaghan

Eloise Molloy

Eve Ardon

Fintan Norman-Brown

Madeleine Lawrence

Daniella Edwards

Valentino Marcolina

Annabelle Poulton

Dominic Poulton

Isabelle Kirby

Emily Teare

Zoe Teare

Rebecca Moon

Lydia Delamain

If you are interested in become an Altar Server at St James’ then please email

Social Pillar

The Fun Run

Congratulations to all who took part in the Fun Run this year!  Results and photos will be added to the parish website in the coming days.  Sorry we weren't in a good position to announce the winners in the garden ... we are still analysing the results.  As usual a big thank you to the explorer scouts and volunteers who made sure it all went smoothly.

Sponsorship for Fr David

Thanks to all who sponsored Fr David.  He made it in 31 minutes 49 seconds!!!  Please can all sponsors add the date paid against your name on the sponsorship forms on the table at the back and put any money owing into the collection plate in an envelope marked Fr David Sponsorship.

Pastoral Care Pillar

Peace Candle in Our Lady’s Chapel

A quiet space is available in Our Lady’s Chapel, and a book is available for anyone who wishes to write a prayer for peace or for their own personal intentions.

Liturgy Pillar

Eucharist Adoration

takes place for an hour each Wednesday shortly after the morning Mass starting at 10.45 am and finishing at 11.45 am.  This Devotion to the Eucharist is a time of silent prayer and quiet music.  Everyone is welcome for all or part of this time of prayer before the Blessed Sacrament.

First Friday of Month - Eucharist Adoration also takes place on the 1st Friday of each month from 7.30 pm – 9pm and concludes with Benediction.  Everyone is welcome for all or part of this time of prayer before the Blessed Sacrament.

Youth Pillar

Post-Confirmation Retreat 29th September – 1st October 2017.

In collaboration with Southwark Catholic Youth Service, we are offering all young people who have made their Confirmation the opportunity to attend a Post- Confirmation retreat which promises both fun and faith exploration under the experienced guidance of the youth team in Whitstable (Costs tbc) For more information and to register your interest please contact the parish office by 20th July 2017.

Justice & Peace Group

Request from Bromley Foodbank

During the summer holidays, families have particular problems feeding children who obviously don’t benefit from school meals.  They are now preparing their Summer Holiday Meal packs and are quite short of certain food items.  Last year they supported 60 families for the 6 weeks of the holidays and need to build up stock before the end of July.

We are asking parishioners to bring what they can from the list below over the weekend of 15-16th July.  Let’s make this a really big collection for a local good cause.  Items needed are: tinned meat such as stewed steak, chunky chicken, minced beef, etc., tinned potatoes, tinned vegetables, tinned tomatoes, custard, rice pudding, tinned fruit, desserts such as jellies, instant whips, and sponge puddings, small bottles of squash, and UHT milk.

Communication Pillar

The Parish’s Welcome Booklet

We are very pleased to let you know that the parish’s booklet has been revised and updated.  It contains a very good overview of our parish community so thank you to everyone who has helped with this.  More information is available on our website and copies of the booklet will be available to buy from the repository from next weekend for £3 each (to cover costs).

Time and Talents Questionnaire

A questionnaire about our parish’s 'time and talents' is attached to Briefly again this weekend.  You can download a copy here.  Many different skills are needed to help the PPC to support the work of the parish, so thank you to everyone who is already on a volunteer's rota or helping the parish in other ways.  If you can offer help with any of the skills listed in the questionnaire please complete the form and return it to the parish office by 31st July.  Thank you.

Mass Intentions

Please note that, due to high demand, Mass intentions for services up to and including October 2017 are fully booked.  Please bear this in mind when filing your mass intentions, and try to give the office as much lead in time as possible to help ensure you get the dates you would like.

Parish Life…

The Seniors’ lunch is taking place on Sunday 16th July

It would be very helpful if parishioners would bear in mind that helpers at the lunch will be setting up in the Community Centre from 12.30pm.

Wishing a Happy Retirement to Mrs Bosher

On Monday 17th July at a special Mass at 6pm we will be saying farewell to Mrs Bosher, the Head Teacher of St James’ Primary School, who is retiring.  Please let the parish office know if you would like to attend.

The Power of Colour

Seven Sisters Seascape, October 7th 10am to 1pm in the Community Centre.  Unleash your creativity at a palette knife workshop with Zsuzsanna Pataki.

Following a step-by-step demo by Zsuzsanna, you will develop your own seascape in acrylics, with sponges and palette knives.  Great fun and a new technique if your default tool is a brush.  Professional colours, canvas and tools provided.  Beginners are very welcome.

Invite friends and sign up together by calling the parish office on 01689 827100.  Recommended age 14-144 years, special discount for the parish £25 per person.

Finance Pillar

THE BIG 200 CLUB DRAW - the winners were:

£500  No. 74        Margaret Riches

£200  No 114       Dannielle Scutts

£200  No 107       Jeanne Craen

£100  No 98         Will David

Congratulations to our winners but please note there are still vacancies to join.  It only costs £5 per month!  Application forms are in the carousel in the porch of the church and should be sent to Ken Evans at the Parish Office.

Seeing a Chaplain if You Are Admitted to Hospital

Protecting personal information (data protection) is really important when you become an inpatient in hospital.

So please specifically ask hospital staff to pass on your details to the hospital’s Roman Catholic chaplain as soon as you are admitted if you would like a Chaplain to visit you.

Fr David would always be very happy to visit you too, so please ask a relative or friend to let him know about your admission.  You or they can email Fr David on, or phone the parish office on 01689 827100.

Weekend Rotas:  Thank you for helping.




19th July – B Bridle, M Howell


Cleaning the Church

S Lams, L Monsah, D Generowicz, K Salter, M Gallagher



Mass 23rd July

Saturday 6pm (Vigil)

Sunday 9.15am

Sunday 11am


M Sands

M Howell

K Drabowicz

G Whitley

M Ingledew



K Lams

L Rusmini


C Hairs

H Denham

P Dabrowski

R Rowan

Ministers of Holy Communion

J Callinan

P Driscoll

C Wakefield

S Poulton

C Cosgrave

A Hawkins

D Hairs

B Cotta

W David

B D’Arcy

V Terry

N Longhurst

T Willard

R Mwansa

K Chan




G Brookes

D Brookes

C D’Arcy

T Lowe



P Benson, M Wright



F Simon, J Cosgrave