1.             St James’ church hall incorporates a small bar of licensed facilities known for the purposes of these rules as the St James Social Club (the Club).

2.             The aim of the Club is to offer closed licensed facilities to the clergy and adult members (i.e. over 18) on the parish register of St James the Great Petts Wood.

The Committee

3.             The Club’s Committee will include the Parish Priest of St James, and any four other members he may nominate, or subject to this, up to four other members who have been nominated and received a majority vote at an Annual General Meeting (AGM) by the majority of members present at the AGM (see items 18-21 of these rules).

4.             The Committee will have a total of 5 members, other than those who may be co-opted as members from time to time.

5.             The Parish Priest, or his nominee, will act as Chair of the Committee and the AGM.

6.             Committee Membership will be renewed annually or sooner if there is a vacancy.  Existing members of the Committee shall be eligible for renewed membership of the Committee.

7.             The Committee will be responsible for holding Annual General meetings and overseeing day to day running.

8.             The Parish Priest, or his nominated Chairman, may co-opt Committee members from time to time at their discretion.

9.             The Finance Committee of St James’ will receive and record the information concerning the receipts, income and expenditure for the Club.

10.         Purchasing intoxicating liquor for supply by the Club is at the absolute discretion of the Committee and will operate in accordance with licensing requirements.

11.         A list of authorised St James’ parishioners who may manage club activities and operate behind the bar will be maintained by the Committee.  In all cases, only St James’ parishioners will manage and operate behind the bar and sell drinks, whether alcoholic or not. 

12.         The Committee has full discretion to accept or refuse any use or bookings of the Club.

13.         The Committee will be accountable for interpreting the Club’s rules and their decision is final.

Membership and Use of the Club

14.         All adult parishioners listed in item 2 shall be members of the Club.  There is no subscription fee.

15.         The Club may be opened to members for the supply of intoxicating liquor at such times as the Committee may decide within the permitted licensing hours.

16.         Members, and their guests, are responsible at all times for complying with all health and safety and security arrangements for the premises; and those organising any party or event will be required to complete “the St James’ Hall Booking Form”.

The AGM, Nominations for Committee Membership and Changes to Club Rules

17.         Advance notice of the AGM, and its Agenda, will be published in the parish newsletter and on the parish website. 

18.         Club members may submit items for the Agenda to the parish office and these will be accepted subject to the Club Chairman’s approval.

19.         Club members may make nominations for Committee membership to the parish office annually in advance of the AGM.  These nominations will be adopted if voted for by the majority of members present at the AGM.  This is subject to there being a sufficient number of vacant places on the Committee and acceptance by the AGM’s Chairman who has a casting vote in these circumstances.  In the event of there being a greater number of persons nominated than the vacancies on the Committee, those with the largest number of votes shall be successful.

20.         Club members may propose amendments to existing rules, or suggest additional rules, in advance of the AGM by notice to the parish office.  These proposals will be adopted if voted for by the majority of members present at the AGM.  This is subject to acceptance by the AGM’s Chairman who has a casting vote in these circumstances.