8 attendees: OC = Owen Clutton, MM= Mary O’Mahony (chair), RW = Roger Wright (secretary), IS = Ian Stewart, JA = June Adams, AM = Angela Martin, NB = Nick Babb, PL= Peter Lowe

Agreed actions shown in bold red type.

1a.     The meeting started a CAFOD prayer inspired by Praise Be.

          Apologies for absence: Geraldine Thompson (GT) and Miguel Laino (ML)

1b.     Minutes of last meeting

All outstanding matters had been dealt with or would be discussed as part of the agenda.

2.       CAFOD

Rotas were drawn up for Lent Fast Day duties:


17-18 Feb


24-25 Feb








after Mass


before Mass





RW, (JA)











In an attempt to maximise gift aid it was decided to hand out CAFOD envelopes at the end of Masses on 17-18th but explain in the talk that parishioners could use St James' envelopes if they preferred.  On the second weekend, St James' envelopes would be handed out before Mass to those who had forgotten to bring one back.

NB explained the content and purpose of the Fast Day briefing session to be held in the Community Centre on Saturday 27 January from 10.30am-2.30pm.  It would be helpful to those giving the talks and give J&P members good insight into the project CAFOD is concentrating on for this collection.  This is based in Zimbabwe.  MM offered to help with any setting up before the event.

3.       Manna Centre

The delivery rota was agreed as follows: Feb MM, Mar RW, Apr IS.

4.       Parish Project

GT had sent a message to say that she would organise and run the raffle, and requesting members to assist with the donation of prizes.

MM noted there would be one more J&P meeting before the social event on Sunday 4th March, but the planning outline had to be agreed at this one.  RW tabled some notes, developed from the November meeting, which were used as the basis of further discussion.  Members were grateful for the enthusiasm shown by Marcy Garcia in emails from her since the last meeting.  MM and RW would be meeting with her to finalise details in the coming days.  [meeting subsequently arranged for Wednesday 31 January]


Probably be along the following lines:


Hall available for setting up


Doors open (music on, raffle tickets)


Event starts


Quiz – get to know the Philippines


Video from Fr Joe (if available)


Food and music

Chill out area open


Traditional dancing/costume


Optional – quiz round 2 or replay video


Karaoke - children performing piano/violin

Jamming session - if time?



Wind up


Clear up!

More time might be needed for serving and eating so some items could be omitted.


Prices were agreed as adult £10, children £5, family £30.  J&P members would pay full price, but Marcy’s team would attend free unless food expenses were to be reimbursed.

All J&P members would expect to pay the full ticket prices.

It was agreed that guests should select their own table groups (probably 8’s), but receptionists (JA and AM) would assist where possible.

RW would act as treasurer and reimburse all expenses from the profit total.  He would also print the tickets for sale in church and via email circulars.


The event needs a name, preferably with the word “Fun” in it.  MM and RW would ask Marcy for words that might sum up a celebration party in Filipino culture.

Members were urged to talk about the event to any parish acquaintances, and ask them to come.

MM suggested that entries in Briefly should be placed under “Social Pillar”.  RW would try to write something different each week, with increasing detail and interest.

MM would ask Fr David if we could give a 1-2 minute talk at the end of all Masses at the weekend of 10-11 February.  No other weekend would be appropriately timed without Fast Day clashing.

RW would ask Joe Falzon if he could produce promotional flyers/posters.  [Joe has subsequently agreed to do this]

There was concern about the juxtaposition of our event with the one recently announced in the parish diary by the CWL.  It was unlikely to be a clash of theme but there could be complications with clashing promotional and ticket selling issues.  MM would contact Ann Huntington to discuss.

Details to be given about the food on offer, suggesting guests bring rations for children if necessary, and that the bar will be open, but they can bring their own drinks.

[Later thought – ask for promotion on Facebook page – use Joe’s flyer for this.]

Helpers on the day

Marcy’s team will be decorating the hall and providing all the food, as well as most of the entertainment.

J&P members will help them along the way, as well as dealing with furniture layout, table setting, reception, raffle tickets, AV system, quiz, washing up, cleaning the hall and putting everything away.

OC agreed to liaise with the bar team and enlist a volunteer to help run the bar for the whole event.  The only other drinks to be provided would be water in jugs (members to source) and hot drinks in ‘emergency’.

The crockery, cutlery and mugs, stored in the hall kitchen, will be used rather than environmentally unfriendly plastic alternatives.  Waste food will be disposed of through council household collections.

Essential checks

RW was not sure if there were enough tables to accommodate the 90 people hoped would attend.  MM/NB would audit this on their visit to the hall this following Saturday.

Fr Joe had been asked to send a short video for display at the event, giving parishioners encouragement for their efforts in fund raising.  Fr David was dealing with this aspect, having been asked by OC.  It was agreed that the best way for this to be provided was for Fr Joe to upload the video to YouTube.

RW suggested that leftover food should be sold off in takeaway containers.  Suzanne in the Parish Office would know where such containers could be sourced.

Extract from minutes of previous meeting

The meeting dismissed the idea of a boodle fight, but this had been agreed with Marcy before:

Numerous suggestions were made for food, such as a ‘boodle fight’, hog roast, Filipino barbecue, chef served dishes, etc.  It was agreed to have one boodle table (Filipino buffet served on banana leaves and using fingers) with most food served from the kitchen.  There would also be a small hog roast and barbecue food, using the kitchen oven for heat where required.  Some simple alternatives for children would be provided, such as chicken goujons.  No guarantees could be made about nut and other allergies.

5.       Any other business

(a)      Suzanne Horner had showed MM a fantastic collection of earthenware pots and planters which had been left by her recently deceased father-in-law.  It was agreed that a sale of pots could be held in the spring, partly in lieu of the annual plant sale.

(b)      NB will ask the Parish Office to book two Manna Centre collections in the parish diary.  Suggested dates were 24-25 March and 13-14 October.  He would liaise with the Manna Centre nearer the agreed dates to ensure that the right categories of items were requested.  OC noted that the parish overseas project collection dates were likely to be 12-13 May and 08-09 September.

(c)      NB explained a CAFOD initiative related to its new campaign “Share the Journey”.  The idea is for supporters to walk a total of 29,000 miles, a token gesture in sympathy with all refugees.  One such walk is based on the London Loop, and two stages will involve Petts Wood on Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th July.  Walkers will travel the 7 miles from Bexley Village to PW and on the next day 9 miles from PW to West Wickham Common.  J&P Members were encouraged to join the walks, and also act as hosts for those arriving on Tuesday and leaving on Wednesday.  NB would talk to Fr David about walkers attending Mass at appropriate times.  There might even be potential for hosts to offer B&B to those unable to go home overnight.

(d)      IS had responded to a suggestion that the way to bring the personal issues of climate change to parishioners could be by explaining the reasons to be cheerful.  The chance of discussing, in a relaxed environment, the encouraging advances in various aspects of energy saving, would give an opportunity to bring the elements of LiveSimply which might help people find their own ways of improving lifestyles.


There being no other business, the meeting closed at 9.45pm.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 28 February 2018 at 7.45pm.