The 2015 Fun Run and Garden Party made at least £1,400 which will go towards the renovations of the church and hall buildings.

It was really well supported by the parish and luckily we had good weather (17ļC, cloudy to start but getting better as afternoon progressed).

Thanks to all the parishioners who supported this event.† A record 188 turned up to run and more parishioners also attended the garden party.

Thanks to those that sponsored Fr David and also to the local businesses that donated the run prizes:

Sovereign of the Seas

Meal for Four


£20 Voucher


£10 Voucher

The Village Fish & Chips

Two donations of a Meal for Two


£20 Voucher


£20 Voucher

Oakley Fitness Gym

One Free Session


Congratulations to the Fun Run Prize winners:

1st Man


Alex Mulroy

1st Girl


Eva Ilari

1st Boy


James D'Silva

2nd Man


Ross Crudgington

2nd boy


Luke Colligan-Wilson

1st Woman


Sarah Prifti

2nd Woman


Sue David

2nd Girl


Molly Crudgington


Race times for most other runners were captured and can also be viewed on the parish website.


Thanks also to:


Terry Connolly for the great music and garden announcements.


James Baldwin-Webb, Mark Edwards and Peter Benson on the BBQ and Matt Wright on the bar, †A really incredible effort.


Roger Wright for bringing our attention to the climate change Parliamentary lobby for which St Jamesí had made lots of bunting and providing an opportunity for us to show our support for that issue.


Kate McCarthy and Denise Delf for all the face painting.† They took £30 charging 50p per face and thatís a lot of faces to paint!


Pam Lundy for putting together the sweet tombola and Geoff and Breda for helping.† This was hugely successful.

Joe Falzon and the garden team for having the LiveSimply Garden looking so good, and Joe for showing interesting material on wildlife in and around the pond.


Audrey Wright and Andrew Prifti for taking photographs.


Sean Cadogan and the Dad and Me group


Julia Crudgington and the wonderful guides who designed this yearís race certificates, made cakes and ran the tea and cake stall.† Really fantastic job on that.


Kate Charlesworth and the Scouts, who actually taught children how to tie their shoe laces as well as providing fun and games for the children which added hugely to the garden.


The garden party set up team.† Particular thanks to Sue and Will David, Damien and Julie Lamb and family, Peter Benson, Mark, Karla and Daniella Edwards for so much help before the event.†


The many people who helped tidy everything away so quickly.


For all that lent their gazebos for this event.† Thank you.


The Petts Wood running club for the loan of their marshal jackets.


The Run Marshals: Faith Kilonzo, Austin Barradell, Karla Edwards, Peter Crosland, Stella Delf, Denise Delf, Maria Withrow and Mark Troy.


Michelle Norman-Brown and family for all their work setting up and taking down the Fun Run starting area and running the registration/


Sue David and Sarah Prifti for leading the warm-up.


Steve Vass for the loan of the amp for the park.


The incredible timers: Peter Delf, Dejan Fernandez and Sophie Withrow.† Under pressure they kept calm and focused and managed to get most times recorded despite at times being overwhelmed by the numbers coming in.†


The Explorer Scouts who spent 3 hours preparing the course a week before the event (removing overhanging nettles and brambles) and then set out all the arrows on the day.† They really did an amazing job.


St John Ambulance for their care and professionalism.


The parish office (Paula and Suzanne) who can always be relied on for help and constructive advice.


The event planning team: James Baldwin-Webb, Peter Benson, Chris Delf and Michelle Norman-Brown.


Thanks to all the people who contributes that I have not listed, those that offered to help and made themselves available in case there was a need for more help, also those that made cakes and supported in other ways.